March 03, 2017

by Jue Douglas,

Well I've reached an age where I'm pretty sure of myself and am "happy" (abit) about who I am but there are certain things that surround me with mystery like.. how old is too old?.......
I know that age is just a number and all the your as old as you feel but when are the things you like be deemed as strange... for example...
1... Am I too old to like Zac Efron?
Where as I don't mean in High School Musical I'm thinking more Charlie St. Cloud here but yes I do like Zac Efron and does that make me a bad person.

2... Am I too old to wear hot pant shorts on holiday?
Don't get me wrong I would never walk around my town in them but on holiday abroad I might and want to wear a pair of cut offs and not care about my size 14 body and my horrible legs. (They are so horrible as well).

3... Am I too old to watch Zoella on you tube and worse still buy her products?
I love a good you tube video and Zoella is queen of you tube watch her Vlogs and do own her beauty range from Superdrug but if it makes you happy and smell nice what's the problem.

4... Am I too old to do winged eyeliner? Yes I do love a good cat eye winged liner.. and yes I do have crows feet and try to do the little flick in the wrinkle hiding said wrinkle so it's a winner all round except am I too old?

5.... Am I too old to wear a Mickey Mouse T Shirt that I have.. writing this I'm wearing my Minnie Mouse PJs and they are very comfy thank you but am I too old??? Also I have a T Shirt that says "I'm a unicorn".. too old???

The answer to all these questions is probably yes and to many more like am I too old to want a Minnie Mouse furry pompom? or am I too old to dance around the house to one direction when I'm doing housework? but who really cares and if it makes you little heart happy you can do (within reason) whatever you like no matter whatever your age just don't tell my Kids about the one direction dancing thing!!!

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