September 09, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Hello thank you for stopping by. Today I wanted to do another little beauty haul of what I bought when I went on a little Primark shop recently.
When I’m in Primark why can’t I just buy clothes like everyone else does why do I have to buy more makeup and other products that I don’t really need, but that’s kinda my thing and can’t get enough cheap makeup and beauty products for my ever growing collection.
Now I love picking things up from Primark as the products are cheap and sometimes are great little beauty finds that you wouldn’t normally expect to find from Primark.

 I really wanted to pick up more of the small fragrances I have been loving. I am totally in love with the Mandarin and Basil private collection EDP £3 that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. I loved it so much I picked up another one especially for my handbag as us girls like to smell nice.. right? They last so long and I definitely want to pick up more from the range which is always sold out on my Primark visits.
There were some new fragrances available that I picked up at £2 each I thought these were perfect handbag sized as well at 20ml. My favourite being “Be a unicorn” which does smell really nice even though to be honest I bought this without even smelling it just because of the name. Primark are so winning in my eyes with fragrances at the moment.
Having heard so much about silicone sponges to apply makeup with and really wanting to try one when I saw a cute little unicorn one at £1.50 I thought it might be nice to try one.
First impressions, I think I’m more of a sponge girl but I think it’s a cute alternative than using your fingers, which I have used in the past.
I did pick up some blending sponges at the same time only because they were £1.50 for two and even though I don’t think you can beat the Real Techniques £5.99 I would love to pick up a cheaper budget one.
A few little makeup bits I popped into my basket that are definitely worth a mention are the new Ps Brow Powders. I bought 2 shades as I wasn’t sure which was my correct shade was. These are £1.50. The light brown is more of an Auburn shade to me so mid brown is definitely my shade. It’s not that dark and fills in all those little gaps and even though you have to watch out for fall out, it does give off such a good natural finish at a great price.
You all know I’m a big fan of a matte lipstick and I picked up a new one in a shade I haven’t tried before. I really wanted a darker brown shade so Cashmere kiss is a lovely Autumn shade and at £1.50 I thought if I didn’t like it, it wouldn’t break the bank. Good news when I got to the till it came up at 50p ( 50p for a Lipstick!!!!!! and in the typical style of me I went back for 3 more).
The liquid eyeliner from PS Primark is brilliant and it’s still only a £1. I don’t know how this isn’t more popular than it is nd I hardly every hear anyone talking about it and it’s my secret budget beauty star item that I couldn’t live without.( well I could, but you know what I mean).
Have you been to Primark lately? What did you buy? Please leave in the comments as I’m always out  to try new Primark bits X

                                                                By Jue Douglas
Hi again and thank you for stopping by. Today I wanted to share with you a couple of new bits from Primark that I have recently purchased from the PS Beauty range.
I love a good look round Primark and the beauty range is one of my favourite departments to browse around. I love the fact it's so affordable so even if you don't have much money to spend on beauty products you can still spoil yourself guilt free.  Each time I go they seem to have more and more in the range so it would be rude not to pick a couple of items up.

 Now you all know how much I love a Matte Lipstick and I share the mantra you can't have too many. Every time I see a new one in Primark it makes its way into my little basket. So when I saw the new PS INSTA GIRL SATIN MATTE LIPSTICK in the shade #SELFIE £2.50 I just had to pick one up. A little bit more pricey than my original favourite Matte lipstick from Primark PS range. It was the packaging that drew me too it and I couldn't wait to try it.
What I first noticed is that the colour on the box isn't the colour on the lips. It's definitely a more Purple toned shade instead of the neutral brown that I know and love. The swatch that I've done doesn't even look the shade it looks on the lips but it's still a lovely colour and sometimes it's nice to have a little change. It's long lasting and very creamy to apply and comfortable to wear. Definitely worth a try and I can't wait to go back and get more shades in the range.( hopefully a netural brown!)

I love the fact that Primark sells fragrances as they are great value and I have bought a few in the past so when I discovered on Instagram there was a new signature range I was super excited to try it. I don't think I was the only one who couldn't wait to try it as they didn't have many left and it's easy to see why. At a budget price and let's be honest no one wants to spend there whole wage packet on a expensive perfume.Its nice to have a little treat it's also nice to be able to smell nice and have a little bit of money spare money in your pocket. These fragrances let you have the best of both worlds. 
With its beautiful packaging and very Jo Malone in style these are sold as the private collection and are listed as unisex. 
There are six in the range including;
Rose Oud, 
Pomegranate & Black Tea, 
Jasmine & Honey, 
Vanilla Absolute, 
Amber Noir 
and Mandarin & Basil. 
I picked up the MANDARIN AND BASIL EDP 20ML £3. This fragrance is beautiful and very long lasting.The Basil definitely works with the Mandarin and even though I do love a citrus scent ithe basil shines though more than the mandarin. Perfect for handbags at this size but they do bigger bottles 100ml for £10, which I wish I had bought now, but I wanted to try it before I committed to spending £10. ( which is a lot for Primark). 
Even though a lot were sold out I did end up trying them all (they had all the testers) and the Pomegranate & black tea fragrance is amazing and definitely worth £10 of anyone's money. 
They also had the same range in room fragrances at £6 and I have to admit I did think these were Body fragrance mists which I so would have bought that as well, as they were large bottles. 
I can't recommend these fragrances enough and I will be definitely buying more on my next shop. 
If you have tried any please let me know what you think.
Which is your favourite?
And do you find them long lasting? X

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