March 14, 2018

By Jue Douglas
Estée Lauder Double wear Dupe???

Well hiya you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by for another one of my rambling posts.
I hope this week is being kind to you and life is good!
 This week is, so far for me is full of mixed things of good and bad. We still have water coming though from next door ( and we can do nothing about it) but on the plus side we are finally having a new boiler( yay!!!!!!) but enough about me and on with the post.....
Today I wanted to do a blogpost about a new foundation that I have been loving. It’s the PRIMARK PS MY PERFECT COLOUR LONGWEAR ULTIMATE MATTE FOUNDATION £5.
This seems to be the Primark answer to Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation and Primark have labelled it DOUBLE COVERAGE which is kinda similar.
Now you know I’m not a fan of over priced expensive makeup and always look for a cheaper brand that can work similar magic especially if you have good skin to start off with.  I don’t have good skin by the way, but I know many people who do and have beautiful skin and still want to wear expensive products.
The Estée Lauder Double Wear is £32 and yes I’ve tried it and it’s good and all that but I don’t want to be spending that kind of money on one makeup product when I can have a whole load of new things instead, so this Primark product really excites me.
The product comes in a glass bottle which for a start makes the product look more expensive than it is. If you have read any of my previous Foundation reviews you might know I’m not really a fan of foundations in glass bottles and prefer plastic tubes instead. But saying that this is a nice shape and size so I don’t mind this bottle so much. You get 32ml of product which is about normal for most foundations. I bought mine from the Derby branch of Primarks a couple of weeks ago and they had the full range of shades(I would say about 6) and I picked up COOL SAND. There weren’t many testers so it’s a sort of guessing game as to what shade you are. I have since looked in my local Primark and they were sold out of all the lighter shades and had 2 different darker shades. I’m not sure what’s available in the choice of shades at the moment. But I’m really hoping they restock soon as I would like a slightly darker shade.
I always like to do a little day test when I’m trying out a new foundation on a day when I don’t really need to leave the house. As I had a few days off work last week it seemed the perfect time to do this.
I always think I’m safer to be at home when I’m doing a day test as if I start to go orange no one will see me. Not that it bothers me really as I think I am often seen in dodgy makeup when I’m out and about. Believe me this happens all the time and I try so many new things I’m either orange or smudged with mascara.
The first thing you notice is it’s quite a thick formula and I had to shake my bottle first to get anything out. I did use a brush to pop it on my face. I did start off with my hands but it did seem like it was setting before I could blend it out. I have since tried it with a damp beauty blender and that seems to work as well. But you have to get in and blend it really quickly. This to me is a good thing as it does fully set and isn’t tacky or sticky at all.
It covers really well and even though the shade was a little light for me I don’t think it made me look ill or too pale.
With it being oil free it really seem to suit my skin as well but I did pop a little bit of my trusty RIMMEL STAY MATTE pressed powder over the top which I always do. Even though it’s a Double Coverage Foundation it didn’t go cakey or look too much.
It gives a good finish which I did like the look of and really does last.
By dinnertime it was still going strong and even by tea time which is about 12 hours later you could still get away with it without any touch ups. I wasn’t orange either which believe me is a bonus!
I don’t know how this would fair in warmer weather as it cooler in the UK at the moment. I know that sometimes foundations do melt in the summer heat. Maybe you wouldn’t want to wear such a full coverage foundation in the summer months but for now while it’s not warm it’s ideal for me.
It does have an SPF 15 included in the product and I always like a foundation to contain an SPF as it saves using an extra sun cream which can sometimes make my face extra oily.
I would say it’s an amazing dupe for the Double Wear if you get your perfect shade. This Primark one for me is a little light, where as the Estée Lauder sample I was given, that I have compared it with is too dark so I never really use the sample anyway. I would say it does last the same amount of time and makes a great cheaper product for a long lasting foundation.
I prefer it as well to the Revlon Colour Stay £12.49 which is also another Double Wear Dupe and would also be an excellent product alternative if you can’t get hold of this Primark one.
Also it’s worth me pointing out the lipstick on the photo above is from the PS Nude range and it’s probably one of the most long lasting lipsticks I own. It’s super comfortable and goes on like a dream. Definitely worth picking one up as it’s only £1.50!!!!!
If you manage to get hold of this Foundation I would love to know what you think and let me know what you think of the lipstick as well as it’s my new favourite!
Until next time
Jue X

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  1. Primark have no stock in my town and I would love to try this. awesome review

    1. I know! I hope they re stock soon!! wish we could order online... aww thank you it means a lot XX

  2. I still need to get my hands in this! I used to love Estee Lauded, but they aren't cruelty free 🙁. Plus this is only £5.00 xx

    1. Honestly it’s really good and I think it’s just as good as the EL product. X