March 10, 2020


Roccabox has to be my favourite Subscription box. It was my very first subscription box I ever received, as until recently I was a subscription box newbie. It’s full of goodies that never disappoint. Each one I have received has been a complete joy to open and so exciting to try out all the new products. It’s literally like Christmas every month. 
If you are new to Roccabox, it isn’t some big beauty house brand it’s a small Yorkshire based company founded by Tia in 2017. This months box is a special one as it marks the brands 3rd Birthday. Roccabox have dedicated this box to all the amazing women who have helped make it possible. 
It contains all the products that have been tried, tested and loved. They are what I can imagine to be “can’t live without”products. It’s got everything that is the best of the best that will literally keep your lips bold, your hair glossy and complexion glowing. What more do you need. 
This months box is literally aimed at anyone who is a total beauty junkie, any age, size or lifestyle. It’s for someone who loves to try out new things but has no idea of what to buy and someone who doesn’t have time to peruse the thousands of beauty products on offer and loves the element of surprise. If this sounds like you this box could be perfect. 

The boxes have been featured in a Elle, Closer and Glamour and offer either one off boxes to try out or 3,6 and 12 month box subscription packages.

The Roccabox comes as always in a beautiful baby pink shade box. It’s full to the brim of goodies and it’s so exciting to see what’s in each month. 
So what’s in the beauty box this month. 
Every month the box has a hero product. It’s usually the most expensive product in the box and this month we are in for a treat. 
Roccabox did a little sneak peek on Instagram of this product and I couldn’t believe that Roccabox have spoilt us so much. 
So I’ve never owned anything by Huda beauty and I’m super excited to try this out. The pencil is full sized and comes in two shades.
I was sent the shade Wifey which is a beautiful ultimate dusky pink shade. The other shade is Trendsetter which is a nudey brown shade. They suit any skin tone as they are quite neutral shades. 
The lip liners are super pigmented. They literally last all day without being drying as they are super hydrating. 
Definitely one of my favourite items in the box. 
I’ve said before in previous blog posts that I think you are never to young to care for your skin with anti ageing products. I started using creams early on in my teens and while I’m under no illusion that I look younger than my years ( trust me I don’t!!) I might have looked older if I hadn’t been using them. 
This generous deluxe sample is packed with retinol and instantly brightens and smooths your skin. It’s perfect to use before you moisturise and the first time I tried it I was so impressed with how my skin felt the next day. It really makes me want to try more from the brand in the future.

So I’m super excited that this is another full sized product and excited to try out a new hair product! ( yes my hair needs it!) 
I’m not a fan of bananas to eat but I love the scent!!( I know a bit strange!) This Banana Butter smells amazing and looks good enough to eat. Regular readers to my blog might know that my hair isn’t in the best tip top condition so I always rely on leave in conditioners and this one doesn’t disappoint. I applied mine to wet hair before drying and afterwards it makes your hair feel super soft and swishy!! 
You can even smell the banana scent as well when your hair is dry. It doesn’t weigh down your hair and can be diluted down in a spray bottle to use throughout the day. Definitely my new favourite hair product and I have used to everyday since I’ve had the box.
If you like the product Roccabox have included a 20% off discount code for future Umberto Giannini products from the website.
I had never tried this primer before so it was super exciting to try this as it’s a cult primer product and I’ve heard so many good things about it. 
It’s such a good product to fill in fine lines and pores and was perfect for me around my eyes as that’s where my laughter lines (aka wrinkles!!) tend to be.
 It’s a great base for your foundation and I’m so tempted to buy the full sized product after trying this.
This is a deluxe sample size and is perfect for holidays or to pop in your handbag for on the go priming!! 
So I’m a bit obsessed with face masks and can be often seen sitting on my sofa of an evening full face mask on. This one is different. You actually use it while you’re in the bath or shower and the steam does the magic.
It’s formulated  to stick to wet skin and you leave it on for 20 minutes. It’s gently warming which feels so nice and relaxing. It draws out the dirt and toxins from your skin and opens pores ready for you to use the rest of your skincare with better results. It’s a complete pampering product that makes for a luxury bath time experience. Roccabox has included a 10% off code for the brand so the pampering doesn’t have to stop.
So I love to try out new things and this little shot drink offers calm and comfort in one little bottle. 
It contains half a lemon, mint, cinnamon, Himalayan salt and a drop of maple to sweeten it up. The product is vegan friendly and contains only 15cals.
Roccabox also have included a 10% off code with this so it’s well worth a look at the website if these are your thing. 

If you fancy one of these fantastic boxes for yourself or perhaps you fancy subscribing to receive it every month at £10 per box it’s such a great deal when the products added together cost so much more.
 I can now give you an exclusive 20% off your first box using the code JUE20. This code can be used for a one off code or for a subscription.

If you use my code I don’t get any money from it only the inner happiness that I’ve helped you save some money. So please feel free to use it. 

I will leave the Roccabox link below so you can see for yourself how amazing this subscription box is.
Until next time
Jue X

*Big thank you to Roccabox for kindly gifting me this box to try out. All opinions are my and this is not a paid post. 

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