July 01, 2020

Have you ever thought about designing your own palette? If you have... this might be the blog post for you.
We’ve all seen celebrity collaborations with makeup brands and I don’t know about you but I’ve felt slightly envious thinking I would love my own makeup palette. One where I would use every single colour in the palette not just a few favourites.
Well now you can.... thanks to Beautonomy.
Beautonomy offer you your very own fully personalised palette.
Each Beautonomy palette can be fully customised from the products they contain to the design on the packaging. 
You can have any photo and wording printed on the palette and any colour eyeshadows you want inside. 
The website is super easy to use and starts off first with choosing all you colours of eyeshadows. This is an amazing idea as if you are anything like me when you buy a palette you maybe don’t want to use all the shades. With the Beautonomy customised palette you choose which shades you want. There are 50 plus shades to choose from in different finishes such as shimmer, matte, duo chrome and glitter their is a shade for every look or event imaginable. You can even throw in a brow shade to add into the mix.
The shades are perfectly formulated high pigment, creamy eyeshadow formulas. All the shades come with shade names which you can even customise with your own names if you wanted. You can even leave the names off altogether the choice is yours.
Pick your shades first!
Once you have chosen your shades it’s now onto the design. 
You now get the option of uploading any photo to your palette or you can use one of the stock photos that the brand have if you are stuck for ideas. You could even upload a picture of your Cat if you fancy but for review purposes I went for a simple pink marble effect with my name on as not everyone wants to see my cat on a makeup palette. 

Then it’s on to the design! 
Once you have designed your palette it’s time to sit back and wait for Beautonomy to create your palette. 
The package arrived very promptly and very well packed. 
The palette arrives empty and each shadow is individually wrapped but it’s really simple to pop in your shades into the palette and the magnetic holds the shades in the palette so it’s quite secure. 
So what are the shadows like? 
Now the eagle eyed ones amongst you might noticed I kind of ordered the same colour twice. I didn’t even realise until the palette arrived but not to worry. The colour I have two of is Cacao and it’s a beautiful matte shade. It’s a great colour for a smokey eye look so it’s not such a big deal I have it twice. If you have followed me from the beginning, I used to be obsessed with makeup palettes so the colours that I customised won’t come as a surprise. I mostly went for browns and oranges with a little bit of sparkle. ( let’s face it we all need a little bit of sparkle in our palettes, don’t we.
So which colours did I go for. 
I have swatched each shade and the shades from top to bottom are Brick, Pure Orange, Brown ( which is the brow shade) Wild Eyes, Moonset, Dusk, and the last two shades are Cacao.
As you can tell from the pictures the eyeshadows give off an amazing amount of colour payoff and are super easy to blend. The glitter colour looks amazing on its own or great over the top of any shade to give your eyes that little bit of sparkle. 
The brow shade is super flattering as well and gives you just the right amount of colour pay off you need for your brows. 
The palette is amazing for people who want to get creative and make an ideal present especially with the photo opportunity to really personalise it.
You can even buy refills so if you fancy switching up your shades you can simply pop out your old pan and pop in a new one. 
I have always loved the idea of customised palettes and love the idea of having all your favourite shades in one handy lightweight palette so this for me is perfect! 
The palette is cruelty free and it’s also free from Parabens so it’s ideal for anyone.
I will leave you the link below just in case you fancy having a little go at designing your own creation.
The palette costs £25 which when you consider it can be refilled works out at a pretty good deal.
I will leave the link below so you too can get designing.
Until new time
Lots of love 
Jue X 

Big thank you to Beautonomy for kindly gifting me to review.
Gifted post and all opinions are my own!!

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