Faîr Parfum Gallant fragrance review

May 20, 2021

Post contains gifted item
If you have followed me for a while you will already know my love for fragrances. I have reviewed a few fragrances on here in the past and have had lovely feedback from you guys about them. To date all the fragrances that I have reviewed have been female or shared fragrances. Recently I have been kindly gifted a male fragrance from Faîr Parfum. I have wrote about Faîr Parfum before and shared with you a couple of the ladies fragrances that were available. (I will leave a link below to this post just in case you missed it! )CLICK HERE FOR PREVIOUS POST
As I said last time I am completely in love with the Faîr Parfum back story and it would be impossible for me to write another Faîr Parfum blog post without including it! So if you can remember it from last time you might want to skip the next bit or if you are anything like me and love a good love story then read on and enjoy! 
Faîr Parfum is unlike any fragrance that is available. With good values comes good products and with an amazing back story. So you guys know how much a love a brand back story and this one contains a love story as well. (which I completely love) 
The love story started in the summer of 1884 in Grasse in France. Francis who was a local aristocratic fell in love with a Russian dancer Anna Karpova. Francis married Anna even though his father didn’t approved. This led him to be disowned by his father and Francis was left penniless and homeless but with the lady who he loved. (Which is worth everything if you ask me!!) To make ends meet and to rebuild his life Francis spent his evenings working as a perfumer's assistant. By 1888 Francis had made enough money to set up in his own business and Faîr Parfum was born. 
As well as producing amazing perfumes workers would be paid fair wages and profits would be used to educate the workers children.  
Faîr Parfum became very popular in French high society and in 1885 Le Club 1888 was established. This was a perfume connoisseurs' private members' club. Francis had used all his connections and his finances to produce his sought after scents that were exclusive and limited.  Taking a break during the war in 1914 and since Since 1988, Faîr Parfum has been led by Francis' grandson, Phillipe. Phillipe took over from his father, Jean-Honore and is in charge of designing new perfumes for Le Club members. Today the perfumes are all hand crafted in France including flower picking, maceration, bottling to hand packaging with 25% concentration which is the maximum percentage of essential oils allowed under IFRA regulations.
The perfumes are made using traditional methods with the unique 22-plate filtration process makes sure that any impurities are removed, leaving behind only the purest essential oils. In fact Faîr is the last remaining completely hand-crafted perfume business in the world. Faîr Parfum still hold the same values as they did in 1885 with the whole company built on fairness. With fairness to the environment, using recycable materials, sustainable ingredients and no animal testing. 
The brand have launch the first online collection cutting out distributors and retailers and using the generosity of Le Club members (who help design the signature scents) to offer a premium perfume at an affordable price. With four luxury fragrances that are available. These include Dawn Rose, Bisou, Royale, and Gallant.
So today the Faîr Parfum fragrance I want to talk about is called GALLANT  . This masculine fragrance is amazing if you want to make a good first impression. 
The product comes in a luxury black cylinder design generous 50ml spray bottle with a gold lid. This would look amazing on a dressing table either alone or along side one of the Faîr Parfum feminine fragrances. 
The fragrance comes with a spray which I would find easier to use than a splash on as you have more control over where you spray. 
Gallant is so very long lasting and I’m guessing it’s the natural ingredients and the essential oils that make this fragrance have such staying power. Only a few spritz will last you all day. This is perfect to wear for the day or an evening out. In fact it’s one of the longest smelling male fragrances I’ve ever tried and not like any other male scents that are available. 
Gallant smells expensive and heavy but not overpowering and would be perfect for an evening out. The top notes being the aromatic blend of bergamot , pineapple, apple and blackcurrant. Bold fusion heart notes of birch, jasmine, patchouli, juniper berry and rose And last but not least irresistible base notes of ambergris, oakmoss, vanilla and musk. 
          Taken from the Faîr Parfum website about Gallant.

 I love the fact that these are ethical, substantial and traditional french perfumes that make you feel like you have stepped back in time to the romance of the late 1800’s. I love the whole story of the brand and the values that they stand for. 
I will leave you the link below so you can check out the brand for yourself. CLICK HERE
If you have tried any of these fragrances I would love to hear what you think about the scents. 
Until next time 
Jue X
 *Big thank you to Faîr Parfum for kindly gifting me Gallant to try out for review. 

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  1. Thank you for this review. I have Gallant and enjoyed reading your review. I love Gallant and you are spot on about the longevity & power. It is always got to hear what women think of men's fragrances.

    1. Faîr Parfums are so amazing. Thank you so much for your kind words and for commenting