July 21, 2021

AD/Gifted item. 
I don’t know about you but my phone is the most expensive thing that I carry around in my bag and want to keep it safe at all times. Recently I have bought myself a new phone. I’m saying “new” but it’s actually a refurbished model but it’a new to me. It’s still quite an extravagant purchase but a much needed one as I’m a sim only kind of gal and have to pay for my handset. 
If you have recently had an upgrade to your phone then what better way than to look after it or even if you don’t have the up to date phone you can still give your phone a beautiful fresh feel with a new case.
So I’m not going to lie, I’m one of those people who owns about 30 phone cases. If I’m honest I’ve probably spent more on phone cases than my actual refurbished phone. I do have my favourites and ones for special occasions! (Yes I did have a Christmas phone case last year! I am one of those people!!) 

So who are DIPSODA and why do we need them in our lives right now? 
DIPSODA offer a stunning range of unique, gorgeous and eye catching cases in both Snap and Tough case protection. With DIPSODA you can have the best of both worlds. 
 I do love a good impact tough case as I feel this gives an extra bit of protection to our devices in case the worst happens but at the same time I like a good snap case as well. I think it depends on what size of phone you have. 

Founded in 2017, the brands collections consistently evolve keeping all their ideas brand  and phones protected. The range is available for most modern IPhone and Samsung sizes and collaborates themes from all corners of the Earth to create stunning, breathtaking designs you can incorporate day to day. So If you are going to protect your device you may as well protect it in style. 
The website is easy to use and the only hard choice is choosing which of the cases you prefer.
This time I went for a snap case as my new device is one of the larger IPhone sizes. So I thought a snap on case would be a better choice for me. Either one you chose (tough case or snap case) you know your phones going to be well protected and look great at the same time. 
So which case did I go for? 
Anyone who knows me knows that I love Daisies. They were the chosen flowers in my wedding bouquet. If I see something with Daisies on I’m definitely drawn to it. So when I saw the Ditsy Daisy phone case on the website I thought it would be the perfect summer themed phone case.
The case arrived really quickly and came well wrapped in super cute little velvet pouch bag. 
This makes it ideal to give some one as a gift. 
The cases are designed to fit your phone perfectly with the back and sides covering your phone. You can easily get to the ports and buttons on your phone and the case doesn’t get in the way, even though the case does have strong but flexible glossy plastic. 
DIPSODA also have a truly stunning new summer collection which seeing is believing. It boasts some amazing patterns and the cases names are pretty cool as well. I particularly love the one called Pineapple Passion which I might purchase at a later date. 
I will leave you the link for DIPSODA just in case you fancy picking one up for yourself or just to have a little browse at all the cases available so your phone can be summer ready! 
I also have a little discount code of DIPJ20 
If you use this code you can get an amazing 20% off any case! This is not an affiliated code. I just get the inner happiness of saving you guys money. 
There couldn’t be a better time to give your phone a brand new feel. 

Until next time
Jue X
* Big thank you to DIPSODA for kindly gifting me this beautiful case for review.
*I have not been paid for this post so all opinions are my own. 

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