February 28, 2017

By Jue Douglas.

Well I'm all for a bargain and even if I won the lottery I would still buy cheap makeup!!! (yeah right)
I can honestly say some of the best makeup around is drugstore so I thought I would try the £20 make up challenge. (this is not a real challenge ive just made it up).
Well the foundation I'm using is the Revlon colourstay in shade 180 its brilliant and could rival any luxury foundation I'm thinking Estee Lauder doublewear here.The best news here is B&M yes you read it right have the old bottles for £4.99 in most of the shades they are the old style bottles but who cares at that price.
Pressed powder has to be the Rimmel stay matte £3.99 which is great for setting your foundation. My only gripe with this is it isn't very handbag friendly and that's where the Primark matte powder comes into play its £2.50 and is a proper compact and has a mirror.(this makes me very happy).
For brows (yes I over plucked in the 90s)  I have to have a good brow pencil and again it has to be Primark. they do a great 3 in 1 brow pencil with has a little brush and the powder for £2.
Liquid liner is a must for a cat eye which I love to do and the Primark liner is brilliant and stays on for £1.
Mascara is abit difficult  because I love the lash sensation by maybeline like everyone does but it's £7.99 which is a little bit expensive for the £20 face so for this post I'm going for a Primark Mascara which is £2.
I love a good blush but am rubbish at contour I am using the Primark blush £1.50 and the Maybeline contour £3.99. The collection contour is good as well and I am yet to try the Primark one but will have to give it a go soon.
last but not least my favourite part LIPSTICK......
I do love myself a matte lip but I'm not Kylie Jenner and wouldn't pay Kylie prices so Primark again (yes I do love there make up) do a Matte lipstick in the shade Naked. its a browny nude and lasts all morning. its £1.50 and I own about 6.
So there you have it a make up kit for under £20 minus the concealer and setting spray etc.... opps I forgot about them but lets face it there would have been from Primark so they would have been cheap anyway.
If you can recommend anything to me please leave me a comment cause I would love to try new things....

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