August 17, 2018

By Jue Douglas
Hello again and thank you for stopping by. Today I wanted to bring to you a very impromptu post about a foundation I am completely loving at the moment. I was so unsure at first as to whether I was going to do a post about this. In fact I even ask if anyone wanted a post about it in a previous post about the Highlighting Palette from the same brand that I was so impressed with. 
Well you know what I’m like if I like something I will talk about it to anyone that will listen and this is one of those products so I decided to do a post about it anyway!!! 
I don’t normally like talking about two products from the same brand one after another so I’m sorry if you’re not a fan of Sleek, but this seemed to good to miss writing about.
The Sleek LIFEPROOF foundation is £7.99 for a 30ml tube. This is about an average size for a foundation. The packaging does reminds me of a Revlon foundation that I have previously tried and is also very similar to the PS Primer Matte Primer that I have recently tried. It’s very lightweight and fits neatly into any makeup bag. I much prefer a plastic tube for foundation. I know lots of people prefer glass bottles but I’m a tube sort of girl so this too me is perfect.
 Now I’m not going to lie I didn’t set out to buy this item. It was on a buy one get one half price offer and I only really went in for the Highlighting palette but I couldn’t say no to an offer could I?
 I nearly didn’t buy it either. I was toying with the idea of another Highlighting palette and was at the stand for ages deciding but eventually went for the foundation. (I own far too many highlighters.) 
The shades in the range were quite limited and I found that even though my skin in quite tanned at the moment I went for the second to the lightest shade. No testers were available so it was sort of guesswork but I did well in choosing and if a tester had been available I would have so gone with this shade anyway. I wasn’t really that excited with the foundation to be honest but as it was £4 with the offer I popped it into my little basket not thinking I would like it really. 
Anyway to cut a long story short I flippin love it. Now I’m going to make a shock announcement that it’s one of the best budget foundations I’ve ever tried! That’s quite a bold statement as I’ve tried a few in my time but the coverage on this is amazing. It literally covers anything, freckles,Pores, Dodgy spots (not that I have any but if I did trust me they would be covered). It doesn’t even settle into fine lines either ( I do have them!!!!) It’s a Matte finish as well and even though I’m probably at an age where I should have more of a glowy finish foundation my heart will always be drawn to a more Matte finish with a little bit of highlighter on the tops of my cheeks for the glow that us girls love. I applied it with a damp beauty blender which I find is my preferred method to apply any of my foundations. I have used my fingers to apply but the liquid is surprisingly quite thin for the coverage it provides and if you use you fingers things could and do get messy. This makes me grateful that there wasn’t any testers because I probably wouldn’t have bought it with it being super runny. The first time I tried this I was so amazed that it lasted all day even at a time when my skin was going though oily stage. I used the Revolution Sports Fix setting spray £5 which I swear is the best setting spray in the world ( well maybe that’s abit too much of a statement but it’s the best I’ve tried anyway) and I was good to go. 
I didn’t want to write a post about this straight away as I thought maybe it might have been a one off but it’s really not. I’ve worn this foundation now on a few occasions even for a long flight and it completely lasts and is amazing. I would definitely repurchase in a heartbeat.

I love the fact that this is an oil free formula which suits my skin but I’m not sure how drier skin types might fair as it might settle into dry areas. 
Like all makeup I do have a gripe. ( only a little one I might add but it’s still a gripe and it might even be me moaning too much) You really have to watch when opening the tube as I find that the product does spurt out a little bit all over the place. ( I did say it was a thin liquid) I find that if you hold your beauty blender close by as you open it you’re quite safe and none of the foundation is wasted. ( No one wants wasted foundation!!) 
If you are on the look out for a new matte foundation this is definitely worth a try. It would probably suit darker toned skins as there seemed to be more of a choice for darker skins but saying that the lightest shade did seem quite light and there might be a bigger choice online as I’m just going on what was in my local store and it’s quite a small ( but very nice) stand. 
If you try this foundation I would love to hear your thoughts. Do you love it as much as me or do you think there is better foundations available. Also I would love to know if all the tubes leak as soon as you take the lid off or is it just mine that does this.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. I really appreciate your on going support and comments.
Until next time
Love and the possibility of Sunshine 
Jue X 

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  1. After reading this I’m going to give this a try.
    Great review!

    1. Aww thank you Judy X
      Let me know how you go on.