August 27, 2018

By Jue Douglas

Hello again you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by.
I don’t know if any body noticed but I’ve had a blog holiday!...Well not so much of a blog holiday more of me just not writing anything as I’ve been on my holidays. (please excuse the somber mood as I have post holiday blues!) 
It was while I was away on holiday that I discovered how good Lidl perfumes were. That good infact, I thought it would make a good post to share with you which ones I bought and which perfumes they are a dupe for.

Now I know what you’re thinking what kind of holiday have I been on to discover these dupes and what kind of person goes on holiday and goes to Lidl. Well I went all the way to Spain and came back with Lidl perfume. I think there is only me that would do that.
I have never even been into a Lidl until a week ago. Not for any other reason really except I don’t live near one as in my local town we just have Aldi. Which don’t get me wrong I do love Aldi but no perfume dupes in there.... well not yet!!) 
I have done my research and these perfumes are available in the UK and aren’t just a Spanish thing which I was worried about when I first found them. I did have a little panic that they wouldn’t be available in the UK but don’t worry I was straight on google and they definitely are available and have been in The Independent newspaper and everything. 
The 100ml perfumes cost me €5.99 ( approximately £5) and the 50ml fragrance cost me €4.49 ( £3.99 in the UK).
Not only do these smell the same or very similar to the real deal, they also last a long time on your skin. 
Now I’m not talking all day long but I think you could get away with just a top up at dinner time and maybe in the evening and you would be good to go. It helps that that are pretty strong smelling fragrances in the first place especially the Angel dupe. This lasts that long you get sick of the scent after a time.
I'm not the only one who loves these fragrances. Lidl have done some blind tests and the results were amazing as many people said they preferred the Lidl perfumes! 
The bottles are super cute and would look great on any dressing table. I definitely prefer the design of the 100ml bottles to the 50ml.
Even though the Spanish Lidl didn’t stock all the fragrances in the range I did manage to pick up 5 different ones and now I’m back in the UK I’m definitely on the hunt for the others in the range.
My favourite out of the five that I bought is Aura d’elle which smells like Lancôme’s La Vie Est Belle. I’ve never bought a bottle of the Lancôme fragrance but since buying this I have tried a tester of the more expensive one and yes it does smell the same.
Other ones that I have bought from the range are: 
Aura New York which smells like DKNY Woman.
Aura De Esplendor which smells like Dior’s J’Adore.
Aura Angelica which smells like Thierry Mugler Angel
Madame Glamour which comes in a smaller 50ml bottle and smells like Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle.
They also do a selection for men as well which I think would make great presents if you are strapped for cash and need a cheaper alternative present.
I can do a separate post about the men’s range if you would like me to but with this one being abit long I thought I would just talk about the ladies range in this post ( and I didn’t buy any men’s!) If you have used any of these perfumes I would love to know what you think?
Am I the only one who goes to Spain and shops in Lidl.
Until next time
Love and Kisses 
Jue X

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