March 04, 2017

by Jue Douglas

This morning I had the excitement of having a little Primark shop and yes I use the word "excitement" because it's fills my little heart with happiness and I use the word "little" because I only came away with one bag full which in my eyes in Primark is rubbish...

My local store is in Stoke and I totally love it. It's always tidy and I know where everything is.
I filled my basket with goodies and I thought I would show you what a 30 something buys from Primark.

 This little make up bag was a must and no I didn't need another one but I am doing a blog on make up storage soon so I thought this was a cute little number to add to the collection and its only £3

I actually went in for these beautiful gold shoes. They are a classic case of you tube made me buy them.

I have my ears pierced far to many times so I can't leave Primark without a 9 pack of simple studs. They are ideal for work and loved the little cross one in these and the birds not so keen on the flowers though but I'm sure I can pass them on to someone who would love them.

And last but not least my favourite section the make up. You guys all know I love the make up at Primark and can not leave the store without a item or to so today I didn't disappoint.
I don't really need anymore of the Matte lipsticks but I had to buy another (it would be rude not to) and I went for the shade barely there which is a beautiful Matte nude and less browny than my favourite in the range naked and there are only £1.50 and I can't tell you enough how good they are. I love the new nude shades of nail polish they have in at the moment they dry really quickly and are perfect for the spring months ahead.

I couldn't leave the store without a couple of clothing items and even though they are not very exciting I thought I would give them mention. I normally have a very relaxed style especially if I'm in hermit mode as I call it and not leaving the house all day so I couldn't come away from Primark without a pair of there black leggings they are super comfortable and last which at £2.50 a pair is surprising. I also popped in my basket a grey hoodie it's a cut off cropped one and would look fab with a flat stomach. Sadly that's not going to happen because I don't think I have ever had a flat stomach in my life but I do have a long T Shirt I can wear it with so no one has to live in fear of seeing my tummy. Hopefully I can get some more exciting things next week and I promise you will be the first to know..... happy shopping 

Jue X

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