March 10, 2017

Are they the same? Surely the Naked 3 pallete has to be better. Or is it? 

Well I guess I'm late to the party (about 3 years too late) for not knowing about this little beauty from my favourite brand makeup Revolution earlier. I am totally in love with this pallete and I thought I would share this like little find with you just in case you didn't know.
The iconic 3 pallete is a complete dupe to the naked 3 from Urban Decay.
The price difference is insane and the Revolution Iconic 3 is £4... yes you heard right just £4...I know I cant believe it either... The pigmentation in the Revolution one is amazing but then so too is the Urban Decay one and perhaps a little bit more shimmery but when worn there is no real visible difference. I would even say you get more product in the Revolution one as well. 
Obviously the Urban Decay one is brilliant and if money was no object I would have the full collection from Urban Decay and the packaging is better with a little mirror in the lid but putting that aside..: if it's a choice between the Urban Decay pallete or a big Primark Shop and the Revolution pallete its a no brainier in my eyes. 
Leave in the comments if you have tried both and what you think.. Happy shopping X

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