May 13, 2017

By Jue Douglas

 I love a good offer and earlier in the week I told you about the Maybelline two for £10 offer in Superdrug at the moment.
Well today I picked up a couple more items, one of which was the master bronze colour and highlighting kit.
This normally retails at £12.99 but madly this is included in the offer so I got this and a concealer all for £10.
Firstly let's look at they palette packaging . It's not the biggest highlighting palette in the world but it's still big enough to fill up your makeup bag. With four beautiful shades to chose from starting from light to dark there is a shade in the palette for all skin types and shades.
My only complaint about the packaging is I would have loved it to come with a little brush like the original contour kit for highlighting, but we can't have it all and that's just a minor complaint.
Secondly the colours are amazing and feel so nice when I did my swatched ( sorry for the red arm, I've been out in the sun this morning and my factor 20 wasn't enough for my pasty skin). You can definitely feel how nice they are going to be to blend just by the feel of this Powder and feels so nice and not to chalky or powdery.
The darkest colour is probably a little bit too dark for me to use as a bronzer but I think it would make a great eyeshadow colour especially as this is the kind of colours I love.

Well today I thought I would give it a little try. The sun has been shining in the UK for the last few days so if I'm a little bit over bronzed using this product I didn't look out of place.
I applied it over my Maybelline fit me foundation which I am totally loving by the way.
I wasn't sure which colours to try first so I used the lightest shade as a highlighter on the top of my cheekbones. It goes on beautifully and looks really natural and is definitely a nicer highlighter than the shade in the master sculpt contour kit.
The other three shades could easily be used to contour I picked the second to last shade to try first. I used a PS brush from Primark. I have said before there brushes are really good and very affordable.
It blended so well, infact you can tell how it would just from a swatch, the colour is so pigmented and completely beautiful on the skin.
The darkest shade, that I said would make a lovely eyeshadow, did actually make a beautiful eyeshadow ( I would so use all three contour shades as eyeshadow). I also used the lightest shade as a highlighter under my brows as well so the palette has great multi purpose usage.
Because I'm abit rubbish at all this contour and highlighting that is popular at the moment I am loving the fact that Maybelline has popped a little guide on the back of the product of where all the products are meant to go on your face. (They did this with the master sculpt as well and it really does help).
I can't wait to use the other shades as well but I'm sure they won't disappoint. I even had a few compliments today saying how well I looked and was asked if I had been away.( as someone who never gets compliments this is a big deal for me).

I have tried the second to the lightest shade this morning and its quite similar to the other one with not much of a colour different. I don't think you could tell the difference between the two shades if you didn't know. I also used the lightest shade to highlight. This time I didn't use a brush I just used my finger and prefer the look as you have more control over where the powder goes.

All in all its a great palette to have even for the £12.99 price tag if you miss out on the Superdrug 2 for £10 offer. It doubles as an eyeshadow palette and if you have a too pale foundation for the months when you have a tan, using this I found instantly and strangely makes you look like your wearing a darker shade, making it ideal for the summer months.
Its definitely worth a try especially on the offer. If you try it please le me know how you get on and if you like it as much as me.
Happy Contouring
Jue X

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