July 07, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Hiya hope everyone is well and thank you for stopping by. Today I want to share with you a little something I picked up from a recent shopping trip from Poundland.
It's the new MAKEUP GALLERY POUT MATTERS MATTE LIP COLOUR. I always love going into Poundland and looking at the makeup especially so you can guess my over excitement at a new matte lip product on the shelf. I have tested a few Makeup Gallery items in the past and have always been happy with the products I have had before and all the ones I have bought have been worth the £1 that I paid.
The shade I picked up was LATTE 2. Now I don't know what happened to Latte 1 and even if there is one but that's the only colour that really appealed to me as the others were quite bright. There were about 6 in the range in my local store.
I love how popular Matte lips are at the moment because they are definitely my go to lip product of choice. I always seem to go for similar neutral shades all the time and really wish I could get out of my comfort zone but I didn't really want to try a bolder shade just in case it was the colour I didn't like not the product if that makes sense.
Firstly let's look at the packaging.. it's completely the same as the NYX lip creams and the W7 mega Matte lips I tried earlier in the year. The wand is even the same which for me is a good thing as I do enjoy both these products and don't like a gimmicky applicator I like a more simple wand but that's just me.
The product goes on smoothly but again like the Rimmel London one I tried earlier in the week, I did need to plaster it on and couldn't get much on the brush at first. The colour was a little bit lighter than the tube colour when applied which I didn't really mind. It set very quickly to a nice shade but did feel a little dry. I always find a little of lip balm over the top can make a dry  lipstick feel more comfortable so definitely worth a try with this one.
After the first cup of the tea I did notice it did need to be reapplied as it had faded a little and by dinner time there wasn't anything left at all not even a bit.
Saying this I would definitely recommend if you wanted to try out a new colour before you commit to buying a more expensive brand in a different shade you're not used to. But not if you wanted it to last all day without being able to reapply.
It's such a good price and even though the staying power isn't as good as some of the other products I have tried recently,  it's certainly the cheapest and if you don't mind reapplying regularly for example if you are just nipping out to the shops it's definitely worth a try.

If you try it let me know what you think. Especially if the other colours last longer than Latte 2
Happy Shopping
Jue X

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  1. Even if you've written this review ages ago, well, it allowed me to discover your work. Thank you for this cool review, I have tried the liquid matte lipsticks from Poundland and I really love them. However, the creamy lipsticks and lipliners are BY FAR the best lip products from the range, and for just £1?! Yes, double yes and triple yes!