August 06, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Hiya and welcome back to my little tiny part of the internet.
Today I wanted to do a little blog post about BROW POMADES.
This is the second part of my brow series.
Now I'm a little late to the party with them and have only recently discovered how much I loved them after being an avid fan of a Brow pencil for so many years.
As I've said before (way too many times) my brows are abit sparse due to over plucking in my teenage years and they never grew back so I definitely need some sort of brow product and a Pomade fits the bill nicely.
The first one I tried was a NYX one and loved it so much that I have even done a separate blog about how I rated it (which is good by the way, I mean the product is good not my blog post)
Because of my love for that one it made me want to try different brands so I thought I would give you my views on three different products, one high end and the other two drugstore.
The three I tried are
As with all the pomades i have tried I think it's all about getting the shade right not just the formula. If the shades wrong it doesn't matter how good the product is, it will still look pants (I've discovered this many times)..
The formulas of all 3 are rather similar and applied the same way with my WILKOS BROW BRUSH ( which is my very favourite brow brush). I do find that all 3 can dry out after a time making it more difficult to use so with this in mind I thought I would tell you honestly what I thought of them.

First the Benefit KA BROW which is so expensive for a little pot but is probably the best colour match ever and I found this to be the way with the Benefit pencil as well.
The packaging is abit over the top for me with it looking all fancy and feeling plasticy. I do like the idea of a brush in the lid and it's quite a good brush. It's ideal for travel and is a very good brow product and does last all day but because of it drying out after a month or so i feel you have to use the product up quickly as because it quite expensive I would want to use every last bit of the product.
I know people do love the product and I can so see why but because I like to swap and change products I wouldn't repurchase mainly due to the drying out and price.

My favourite drugstore pomade is the Freedom product. I love the Freedom range and as it's part of the TAM beauty range who make Makeup Revolution( my favourite drugstore makeup range)  you kind of know you're getting a good product  This is quite new to my makeup collection so it hasnt dried out yet ( my first one did so I'm sure it will go the same way). It goes on nicely and does last all day. The colour match is quite good as well but I can see how mistakes would happen as pomades are very hard to test with the little testers. I picked up "soft brown" even though I do have dark hair as this seems perfect for me.
I love the fact this is only £5 so when it does dry out you don't feel too unhappy about the repurchase as it's such a bargain product. It doesn't come with a brush but with me having more brushes than one person could ever need this isn't a problem.

Another one of my favourites has to be the NYX tame and frame Pomade. This like I've said was my first pomade that I ever tried and I've loved it ever since. It now has dried out a little and gone abit bitty but I love the formula of this at the beginning and I will definitely repurchase when I decide I want a switch from the Freedom.
It lasts all day and at first I thought it was a brilliant colour match but now I'm thinking perhaps if I repurchase I will get a lighter shade. I have done a little searching when I was last in Boots and I think I would prefer a lighter shade than the Brunette one that I have but will keep you updated which colour I go for .
Another new launch that I have my eye on is the COLLECTION POMADE £2.99 which if I'm honest will probably be my next purchase so i will let you know if I purchase what I think.
If you have tried the Collection one please let me know what you think or if you know any Benefit number 3 dupes I would love to know.
Jue X

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