December 17, 2017

Is it the same as Estée Lauder Double Wear?????
By Jue Douglas

Hello again and thank you for stopping by. I hope you are all well and having a good week so far and not eating too many mince pies ( like me).
Well I’m going to set the seen.
 I was happily walking around my local B&M looking for a Jammie Dodgers biscuit tin( that’s another story) when I stubbled across the little Beauty aisle. I’m not going to lie this is my very favourite aisle in the whole store. I always have a little look and normally can’t come out of the shop without buying something. I know B&M stock a few bits from the W7 range and even though I normally go for the cheaper other branded stock I saw this foundation and did a double take. Is it just me or is this bottle completely the same as the Estée Lauder double wear bottle. It feels the same it looks the same. I was so excited by this that I nearly forgot my Jammie Dodgers ( notice I said nearly) and popped it into my little trolley. Now this product is £2.99 which is a little bit different to the £31 price tag of the double wear.
I have to admit the Estée Lauder product is really good but not good enough for the £31 price tag. And wouldn’t we all love me to say you can buy a dupe for this product for £2.99 instead of the £10 price of the Revlon Colourstay which is the best dupe I’ve find so far.
With this in mind I thought I would give it a try. (Even though I’m a little dubious). I did do a little research to see if anyone else had done a post about this product and even though there are plenty of you tube videos I couldn’t find a comparison between the two.
The product itself promises to be long lasting and the shades come in simular shade names to the double wear. The one I picked up was called BUFF, but there were no testers which I could have really done with so it was very hard to guess. I think the one I picked up was a little too dark for me but it was the product itself I am interested and the formula as I really want it to be identical to the double wear.
I decided to try this over a couple of days one with primer/setting spray and without so I could give a fair first impressions of this product.

Using a damp sponge to apply on the first day.( i always use a sponge to apply foundation) It went on really well but It didn’t blend as nicely as the double wear and I needed a couple of layers to build up a good even coverage and I definitely needed a separate concealer to cover all my imperfections. It also settled into fine lines and dry spots so it would probably suit a younger person with good skin already. It doesn’t feel light on the skin either as you can really tell your wearing it. It would probably be better to wear on an evening out as you wouldn’t be wearing it for so long but on a everyday basis it’s abit too heavy for me.
It’s definitely worth trying at £2.99 and if there are testers you could really do a good colour match as there were a few different shades to choose from.
I would love to say it’s a complete dupe but it’s not even though the packaging is virtually identical the product inside isn’t.
I might be tempted to repurchase if I could guarantee a better colour match where as the one I picked up was a little too dark for me and that might have hindered my judgement abit.
If you have tried this product please let me know what you think or if you know of any good dupes you think I should try I would love to discover new products.
Until next week
Jue X

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