December 26, 2017

PART 1 & 2
By Jue Douglas

Hiya again you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by. Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas Day and you were all spoilt rotten.
All is still warm in the Juelook household ( thanks to a lovely Plumber!) so we had a lovely cosy Christmas.
After Christmas it might come as no surprise that I love the sales and even though I don’t head out early in the morning to pick up the best bargains I have done pretty well so I thought it was the perfect time to share with you what I have bought and how much I have saved.
Now I’m not going to lie I did kind of know what I wanted to pick up before I went. I had looked online at the sales in Boots, Superdrug and New Look before hand with an idea of the prices and how much I did indeed want to spend. I was given some gift cards as well to spend (people know me so well) so even though it looks like I’ve used a lot of my “saving for a new boiler money” I really haven’t.
Where as in Boots it was the gift sets that were half price, ( they do this every year) the other stores are harder to predict.
I would never normally spend full price on the gift sets in Boots as even on the 3 Of 2 offer it’s not worth your while if for example you want just two items. At half price you can buy what you want, it’s cheaper and you haven’t got to worry about having enough money for Christmas presents as you’ve spent what you need to do on other people.
Some of the items I have bought are either for myself or I have bought as gifts for family and friends ( who don’t read my blog posts so I don’t ruin surprises and my fam and friends would know how much I’ve spent) who have birthdays in January or February. I can’t buy gifts yet for next Christmas as I would probably have lost them by next year.
Boots was my first port of call and it was so busy but I did spend the most money (gift card£in there.

I love JACK WILLS and HOPE COVE is my favourite fragrance for a body mist ever. I would go as far as to say I bought 5 of these sets last year in the sale and was excited that they did the same set this year. This year I could only get my hands on one set but I didn’t mind because I do still have one from last year. The set contains 3 fragrance body mists English Velvet, Hope Cove, And Wills. The scents last a while for a fragrance mist and this set was £5 reduced from £10.

I had been eyeing up this wash bag for a while but at £20 I did think it was rather pricey, but at £10
I just had to buy it. The bag is the perfect size for my makeup ( it’s quite big) and has replaced my Minnie Mouse one I was currently using. Inside the wash bag is body wash, body scrub and body lotion in the English Velvet scent and where I would have prefered Hope Cove, I still love the scent
and did only buy it for the makeup bag but shall use the other products as well.
The little coin purse matches the wash bag perfectly it would have been £12.50 but I got it for £6.25. It’s still a little bit pricey and was an impulse buy. The little purse contains a lip/cheek tint which is a cute multi purpose product and even though I probably won’t use this myself I know someone who will.
I love SOAP AND GLORY and this is one of the products I had seen and said I would buy if it went to half price. The mini body sprays are ideal for my small handbag and I do love anything that comes in a mini bottle so these are super cute. The set was £12.50 reduced to £6.25. The little bottles of shower gel/body wash are brilliant for holidays or overnight stays. The body washes that are in this set are Rich and Foamous, Clean On Me and Sugar Crush. Soap and glory is one of my favourite brands so you can imagine how happy I am with this set.
You know how I love my body mists and these pack of three body mists from HYPE seemed to be a great buy at £5 reduced from £10.
I thought these would make a brilliant present to gift. I have bought two hype bags in the past and both time the zip has broken so I don’t think I would buy another so I’m hoping these body mists smell really nice. They contain the scents of Peach & Waterlily, Mandarin & Coconut And Tropical Bliss.

Well I’m not going to lie I do like to use Anti Wrinkle products and when I saw the NO 7 PROTECT AND PERFECT gift set reduced from £30 to £15 I had to buy it. The set contains the intense serum ( which alone costs £20), advanced eye cream, day and night cream and a hot cloth cleanser. I don’t use NO 7 very often and I love the hype that surrounds this range and at £15 I will definitely give it a go and will let you know if I look younger and if it works for me.
Now on to Superdrug.. I have been checking out this box for a while and I did buy a simular one last year. It Contains 12 different boxes of MAKEUP REVOLUTION products. You know how much I love the brand so I felt I needed to get this box and anything I didn’t want or use as it was individually gift box wrapped I could gift it to people and it would make a brilliant mini presents.
I’ve opened the bits I know I definitely want to keep and it has taken me some restraint not to keep it all but I’ve already given half away. It was £19.99 but I was given a gift card so I paid less. It does contain over £80 worth of products in so I am very happy I have managed to get hold of one. The highlights for me from the box are Blush Dream Palette, Makeup Fixing Spray, HD Pro Brows Palette And the box of mini makeup brushes which look perfect for on the go usage.
My last bargain of the day was from NEW LOOK. I don't buy as much from New Look as I used to do as I’m officially a Primark girl now but I do like to check out the sales. I picked up this jumper 
reduced from £24.99 reduced to £12. It’s still a little pricey in the sale as you can pay that at Primark full price jumper but I fell in love with the colour and the large slouchy sleeves. It looks super comfy as well and I can’t wait to wear it tomorrow. The sale in there seemed really good if you needed jeans, they had lots of size 10 skinny jeans for £3 a pair!!!! in the branch I went too. Sadly I’m not a Size 10 so I didn’t buy any but really good if you are that size.

By Jue Douglas

Hi again and welcome back to my second part of what I got in the sales.
Today I took a little shop to my local city centre to see if anything was left in the sale.Now I know I should be saving but I do love a good sale shop!!!
Let’s face it.. I was never going to stop at one sale shopping trip so I thought I would add a second post onto the blog just in case things were still available online and if they are I will leave the links below the items if they are available.
First of all I went to Primark, now I don’t really normally buy much in a Primark sale as things are cheap enough anyway  and the best things normally sell out so no need for a sale. But some things were that cheap I couldn’t leave it in the shop.
Sadly I can’t leave links to the Primark things because Primark don’t do online shopping ( fingers crossed in the future) .
Now first of all please can I say sorry for the bad lighting in the photos. Lighting has been really bad at the moment in our house and if I wait for a sunny day i could be waiting for a while. I don’t have any fancy camera equipment it’s just me and my iPhone.
I’m going to start with the cheapest thing I bought and you all know I love myself a stripy top. The first one I bought was £1!!!!!! Yes a £1 reduced from £10. It’s more of a jumper but I love the puffy sleeves and I can’t wait to wear it.
 The second stripy Top ( yes I needed two) was slightly more expensive at £3. It’s a long sleeve t Shirt with embroidery on. Now I know Embroidered clothes were popular in the summer and I had to buy every item I could buy with a little rose on. I loved the sleeves as well on this as they are flared. So what’s not to love.
 The final top I bought I was going to buy at full price but thought £8 was a little pricey for a plain top so when I saw it for £3 I thought it was a sign for me to pick one up. I love the sleeves and they are puffy and it feels so soft and I can imagine it being really comfy.

I have bought fragrances from Primark before and I have to admit they are hit and miss but I have tried all the Private Collection fragrances before and completely love them. They are Primarks version of the Jo Malone fragrances but a lot cheaper. I liked the idea of the 6 Fragrance Gift Set but at £10 I didn’t pick one up. When I saw this for £3 I thought it was definitely worth a purchase. I don’t know if I will use this set or give it as a present but it’s a complete bargain. The little perfume oil next to the gift sets were originally £3, but today they were reduced to £1. These last so long as there were testers and I could still smell it on my wrists for hours after so I would definitely recommend and I think they will be great for a handbag as they are small enough.
I love the sales in Accessorize and I didn’t really need anymore purses but I completely love all the sequins and embellished things they had in the sale at the moment. The purse on the left was £4. It’s ao cute and is Velvet. It’s quite small but it’s super cute and would be perfect for a night out.
The purse on the right is the one I’m using at the moment. I love coin purses as I don’t carry many cards with me. Can we just take a minute to appreciate the fact it’s a sequin cat!!!! I’m sure I’ve said before that I’m such a cat person so having a cat purse seems very fitting for me. I’ve forgot to say it was £5 reduced from £10. http://uk.accessorize.com/view/category/uk_catalog/acc_15,acc_15.1.3
Next I went to Superdrug. I love the Zoella Christmas range especially when it was half price. The Snow’ella fragrance set was only £3.99 which I thought was excellent for the body mist and body lotion. It would make an excellent present or a great price to treat yourself.
The Snow’ella fragrance ( with the furry Pom Pom) was £4.99 reduced from £10. It looks super cute to have on your desk and smells great as well. 
https://www.superdrug.com/b/Zoella Both items are still in stock at the moment if you were interested in purchasing.
The last little bits were just £1 and under that I really wanted to buy. They make great little gifts and the three things I bought are only a small sample of the bargains that were in the store on sale at the moment. I have left the link to the sale just in case you fancy a little browse. 
I hope you have found my second little sale post useful and I promise no more sale shopping now this year!
Would love to know if you’ve been shopping and what you’ve bought. 
Until next time 
Jue X

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  1. I didn’t brave the sales but I shopped online and got the Jack Wills things from Boots ❤️

  2. I spend £100 in New Look....... opps 😂

  3. I love the Jack Wills range in Boots, I could have spent way more!
    And £100 in New Look I could have done that as well. 😂😍❤️X