February 26, 2018

By Jue Douglas

Hi again you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by. I hope you have had a lovely week and weekend and life is treating you kindly.
As the title suggests I’ve been shopping again! This time to Derby, so I thought it would make the perfect post if I did a Primark Haul.
Can I first apologise for this post being a day late. I spent that much time out of the house yesterday I was super tired and fell asleep before pressing publish.
You guys know how much I love a good Primark shop and today ( yesterday) was no exception. I have spent a little more than I should. I have even bought two bags! I didn’t even need a new bag and I definitely didn’t need any new makeup but somehow they all ended up into my basket.
The Primark store in Derby is set over three floors. It’s not my usual store and you know that feeling where your home store is so familiar you could literally walk around with your eyes closed and find everything you wanted. This wasn’t like that and even though I went with a list of things I needed to buy I did spend a while looking around trying to find the items I would like to buy.
I will talk about the clothing first as there isn’t very much.
I actually went with this top in mind. If you have seen my last Primark Haul I picked up the navy one that said Bonjour on it. This one is the red version and has the same French feel. It wasn’t cheap for a sweatshirt £8 which I think is a lot for Primark but it’s really comfortable and definitely will take me though to the spring months. I thought it would look good with one of my many Demin jackets and I love the fact it’s cropped even though I never ever show my tummy.

I love the little storage bags that they do in Primark and even though It’s not a proper lunch bag I am definitely going to use this one for my lunch. It was either this one or the unicorn one but it was the “everyone wants to be a cat” slogan that made me buy it as I’m a big cat person!!!

 I thought it was time I had a new handbag as I hadn’t changed my bag for a while. I did buy a bag in my last haul but ended selling it on EBay as it wasn’t for me.
I had seen the grey version of this bag on Instagram and loved it. It’s Primarks answer to the Chloe Pixie bag and I love it. You know that thing when you really want something and you go into the shop for it then you see it in a much more suitable shade ( black) and think “I will get the black one” but you went in for the grey and you love them both so you buy them both!!! Please tell me that’s not just me. I don’t know if I’m going to keep them both yet because they are £10 each which is pricey for a Primark bag but I do love my bags.
Curse my love of handbags!!! Makeup and generally just spending on things I don’t really need!

Other clothing items I bought were trainer socks and undies but you don’t want to see those as undies are so boring! I do love the socks  and underwear from Primark and find the basics are cheap and do seem to last me.
Now onto the good stuff... Makeup!!! and because this blog is a day late I can let you know I’m using the products today.. no spoilers here but there will definitely be a blog post up next week about what I think of the products!
Firstly the new makeup bag £3. No I didn’t need a new makeup bag and no that didn’t stop me. I love the see though makeup bags that Primark do and this one is slightly smaller than the one I bought last time. I thought it would be perfect for my holidays ( nothing booked yet but I have a new makeup bag when I do!!!!)

 I really wanted to try the MY PERFECT COLOUR FOUNDATION £5 that I have seen a few bloggers talk about. It reminds me of Estée Lauder Double Wear with the choice of shade names and being in a glass bottle. It’s quite pricey at £5 but if it’s as good as Double Wear it will be worth it.
Two new lip products I was keen to try are very similar in shades. Both were £1.50 each and I always love a Primark lip product so I’m hoping these will be just as good.
The last item I bought is my favourite thing out of the whole haul. I tried the Amber palette and really enjoyed using it so I was very keen to try more palettes from the range. I picked up the Urban palette which was £4 as well. The shades are very different to the Amber one even though it’s the red/ Orange tones are the ones I’m drawn to. Definitely a blog post coming soon.
If you have bought any of these products please leave a comment and if you think I would like anything else that’s in Primark at the moment I would love to know as I’m planning another trip in the next couple of weeks.
I will be back again on Wednesday as it’s my blogs first birthday on blogger! ( Juelook was originally on WebEden 3 years ago but we won’t talk about that!!!!)  so I thought what would be better than a Birthday February Favourites.
Until next time
Jue X

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