February 12, 2018

By Jue Douglas
Urban Decay Heat Palette Dupe? 

Hi there you lovely people and thank you for stopping by. I know I’m going a bit overboard with the posts at the moment but I’ve been trying so many good products at the  and then I went to Primark so hope you can forgive me for the overload...
 I hope you’re having a great week so far and life is treating you kindly.
For me this week has been a quiet one catching up on all my jobs,with friends and planning a few upcoming blog posts.
I haven’t really planned to do this one as I never expected to find it in my local Primark and I did give a little whoop when I found it.
 I had seen this palette on The Sun Snapchat News Stories And read it was a dupe for the Urban Decay Heat Palette that was released last summer.
You know I do love a good dupe and hate the thought of spending insane amounts of money on a product when you can buy a simular product for a fraction of the price.
I love how Primark now not only do Designer Inspired fashion have now branched out to Designer Inspired Makeup as well but is it any good?
So here’s what I thought.....
The packaging definitely looks similar but as I’ve never tried the Urban Decay Heat Palette myself and couldn’t really justify spending £39.50 on any makeup palette ( even though it’s a beautiful palette and I’ve gazed at it fondly in Debenhams on a few occasions, please don’t say I’m the only one here with the gazing fondly thing! ).
I’m just going to review the PS Primark version as I find it and whether it’s any good or not for the price.
Well it’s £4 so you can’t really go wrong for the price and I will probably go back next week for the Chocolate palettes which are complete dupes for the Two Faced products. .
Firstly as I have said the packaging is very similar and you can definitely tell what the product is similar too. I complete love simular packaging because it gives you a good idea of what’s the product is similar too.
The PS one has cardboard packaging, no brush and no mirror in the lid. I do like a brush with a product but not to bothered about the mirror.
This one is lightweight and ideal for travel where as the Urban Decay one has sturdy packaging and feels so much more luxurious.
The packaging doesn’t really matter it’s the product that counts and for £4 you can’t really go wrong.
The UD Heat does contain two more shades than the PS one but what’s two shades between friends.
The pigmentation of the shadows are very good and a lot better than I expected. The shades are very similar to the Urban Decay Heat with the orangey, Redy tones which I love so much and own so many palettes with similar shades in.
The shadows on the PS one even have names which I’m not sure why that impressed me so much but it does. 

Shade names From bottom to the top ( wrist) 
Burnt amber
Persian rose
All the shades are very wearable for me and I don’t think there is a colour in either of the palettes that I wouldn’t use. My stand out shades from this palette have to be Tuscany and Burnt Amber but like I’ve said there isn’t a shade I wouldn’t wear.
Obviously when I’ve been gazing fondly at the UD one in Debenhams I did have a cheeky little swatch and yes the pigmentation is amazing and I have to admit they probably do swatch better than the PS one.
But, I found is buildable and I’m sure if you used a damp eyeshadow brush you could get a good buildup with the cheaper product and simular results.
You do get a little bit of fallout but nothing that can’t be wiped off without leaving a mess on your face.
The Primark Product lasted me all day without a primer, and I was very happy with the results.
Even if you’re not convinced about Primark Makeup it’s worth giving a try as I have a few products in my makeup collection and they are some of my favourite things ( I’m thinking the black eyeliner here)
I’m really loving the makeup in Primark at the moment and they are really giving over priced products a real run for there money.

Urban Decay Heat Palette 

Since writing this post I have gone back for the Chocolate bronzer from the range and I’m going to be trying that out this week so expect to see an upcoming blog post soon.
Until next time!
Jue X

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  1. I have this palette and it’s really good ❤️

    1. This palette is fast becoming one of my favourites. Thank you for reading and commenting ❤️ X

  2. We’re can I buy this palette again can you help it’s not in primark no more I love it with been good selling item you think they would keep it