February 17, 2018

SUPERDRUG gift with purchase
By Jue Douglas

Hello there you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by. Hope you have had a lovely week and are looking forward to the weekend. 
This week has been a better one for me after last weeks self doubt. You know that feeling when you feel abit “Meh” and online shopping is the only answer. ( please tell me it’s not just me here). Well I did myself a cheeky little SUPERDRUG order to cheer myself up!! Don’t judge me it had to be done!
 Please forgive me for the extra post as well as this is another one of those impromptu posts that are fast becoming my favourite posts to write. I wasn’t even going to say anything about this product but because I love it so much I’ve picked up my phone and just starting typing ( no forward planning on this post!!!) 
So you know when you’re going about your business and the postman brings you a parcel of goodies that you have ordered from Superdrug.  You’re expecting your Concealer, Lipstick and Highlighter Drops And because you’ve spent over £12 you find a palette.
A palette you hadn’t ordered but you kind of guessed might be coming because it said you got it free but you haven’t got your hopes up just in case. Well that’s what happened.
Let me explain. At the moment if you purchase over £12 worth of MAKEUP REVOLUTION products you receive a free gift. They did a similar offer a few months back with the BOLD AS BRASS palette ( which I also received) but this time I’m guessing with it being around Valentine’s Day it’s the turn of the LOVE CONQUERS ALL palette.
Sometimes you get a free gift and it’s good and you use it but it’s not amazing well this is not one of those products, it’s totally amazing and since I received the product I’ve used it everyday hence the impromptu blog post of over excitement wanting to tell you all about it.
The palette is a mixture of 6 Eyeshadows with one big heart shaped baked highlighter in the middle. The highlighter is pink toned with a yellow swirl in the middle. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day (even though it’s technically over it’s wasn’t when I actually started using the palette)
The Eyeshadows give off amazing Swatches but thats not what caught my eye with this product it’s definitely the pink highlighter that stands out.
The Eyeshadows are practically untouched really which is surprising as you guys know how much I love myself an eyeshadow. But it’s the red or orange shades that appeal to me and these are not the sort of shades I would normally use except the shade on the bottom left of the row which is more of a pinky shade than red but still very vibrant and beautiful and I do enjoy having a little change.
The Highlighter on the other hand is so beautiful and pretty much lasts all day. It leaves a lovely shimmer on the tops of your cheek bones and because it’s a pink toned highlighter it makes an excellent Blusher as well.
The above Swatches are the Eyeshadows going down my arm in order and to the right hand side shade is the highlighter.
All swatches were done once so you can really tell what amazing pigmentation they give off.
If you fancy getting your hands on one of these beautiful palettes it’s only a £12 spend on any MAKEUP REVOLUTION product in SUPERDRUG which let’s admit is very easy to do. It’s worth a look definitely, if you fancy trying the new Concealer from the range.
I have left the link below just in case you fancy a mooch on the website.

The palette is limited edition as well and not for sale alone so that’s another reason to spend!

If you have used this palette I would love to hear from you.
Until next time
Jue X

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