March 26, 2018


Hi again you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by. This week has been almost spring like, but I’m not sure if we can pop away all our winter clothes just yet but I live in hope.
So on Sunday with a spring in my step I took a trip to my local Primark. I’m not going to lie I get more excited about the makeup than the clothes these days. Where as a couple of years ago it used to be the clothes that would float my boat.
Like a beacon shining on the stand you can imagine my excitement when I saw that Primark, yes Primark do customised palettes as well. After last weeks discovery of the MAKEUP OBSESSION ones I had only just got over that excitement when along comes Primark with their version.

The empty palettes come in two different sizes. I think there is a 12 shade one as well or it could be 9 I can’t remember.
The one I picked up was a 4 shade one. The 4 empty palettes are £2, they are made of cardboard and very lightweight and not as sturdy as the Makeup Obsession one. For £2 I don’t mind that at all. I would have liked a mirror in the lid and a eyeshadow brush but again I don’t really mind for the price.
Now I’m not going to lie the single eyeshadows weren’t sorted out into shades. They were all in a big jumble so I have probably missed out some other great shades. They aren’t named either ( so I can’t tell you the shade names here) and it’s a kinda sort though them all job. Yes it took me ages to go though the whole lot of them. Saying that the singles are only 60p and I did manage to find four shades that I did like.

Putting together your customised palette is super easy as you just pop out your shade and place it into your empty palette and you’re good to go. The empty palette holds the single shades in by I’m guessing a magnet. They are held in place pretty well but I think it would be abit tricky to swap and change your shades as unlike the Makeup Obsession palette the singles just come in simple cardboard packaging rather than plastic. So it would be hard to store them if they weren’t in your palette.
The pigmentation of the Eyeshadows are very good and long lasting and I would say as good as the Amber palette that I reviewed from the same range.
If you tried these or have customised a palette from any other range I would love to know as this idea still fills me with happiness.
Until next time, which will be March Favourites if I can get some products together that I have been loving.
Jue X

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