April 03, 2018

By Jue Douglas

Hi again you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by to listen to my endless rambles about the things that I love. I hope you are happy at the moment and life is good.
Today I wanted to talk about a couple of new items that I have recently purchased from MAKEUP REVOLUTION or REVOLUTION as they are now known as.
Now you all know by now how much I love this brand and in my eyes they can’t really do any wrong.
After trying the Concealers ( in many shades!!) and completely loving them I thought I would give the REVOLUTION PRO FOUNDATION DROPS £6 a try.              
So I’ll set the scene... I’m putting a bottle of the foundation drops into my little online basket and I stumble across a new brow product from the brand.
Now when I say stumble I mean I was looking for it and have been waiting for it to appear on the SUPERDRUG website since it’s launch at the end of March. It was also on a 3 for 2 offer so please don’t judge me that I’m spending too much here!
It’s the REVOLUTION BROW TINT £6. This product sounds exactly the same as the MAYBELLINE BROW TATTOO that’s £12.99. I did a post about the Maybelline product a while back, if you’re not familiar with the product and I will leave a link at the bottom of the page just in case you fancy checking it out.
I have decided to do two reviews in one post as I did try them both on the same day and like I’ve said there is a 3 for 2 offer on at SUPERDRUG at the moment so it seems the perfect time to try them if you fancied doing so.

Firstly the foundation. I do love the packaging, it’s lightweight but not in a plastic tube as I normally do like. I love how simple the packaging is and looks way more expensive than it is.
Like all the Revolution face products that are being released at the moment  it does come in a good choice of shades, 18 in all and I found I was shade F3 just like I was with the foundation stick and concealer that I tried earlier last month.
Revolution have really done us proud again with the colour shades as I find that for a drugstore range the shade choice is better than you would find in some higher end products.
To apply I found you do need a brush or a sponge. I tried using my fingers but it got a little bit messy. Because it’s a thin liquid a sponge does soak up a lot of the foundation so you need to use quite a lot of the product which does seem a little wasteful and I don’t think the product will last very long. Using a little bit of the product didn’t really give me the coverage I needed.
You only get 18ml of product inside the bottle, which even though the bottle does look full sized it’s not much product as most foundations usually come in bottles double that amount so that was a little disappointing.
The foundation finish is lovely and feels lightweight on the face, even when I had really built it up. It does seem to take some building, maybe because it’s waterbased. I used my new favourite powder to blot over which is the RIMMEL LONDON INSTA FIX & MATTE £4.99. This powder is really nice and not scary to use at all ( I was expecting to go full on white but was pleasantly surprised.
I did need to use the powder again throughout the day to touch up but that’s not unusual for me. It didn’t settle into fine lines and lasted me all day so that was impressive.

I think this will suit perhaps a younger person with good skin to start off with who doesn’t really want a full coverage foundation.
I probably wouldn’t buy this foundation again as it didn’t give me the coverage I need but if you want a lighter coverage this is perfect.
 I think the new REVOLUTION FULL COVERAGE FOUNDATION £7 which I have already ordered from the brand will suit me better than this one and I will do a review about that one in due course.
Now I’ve saved the best till last.

Anyone who knows me in real life knows my brows are rubbish!! Definitely not “on fleek” just nothing and that’s why I love this product sooooo much. I love and use the Maybelline brow tattoo often but find it’s quite expensive at £12.99. Now I know you can use it lots of times so you do get value for money but the initial spending of £12.99 is a lot. This one is £6 which is abit more in my price range.
It’s exactly the same product and you use it in exactly the same way. You just paint in your brows. Leave it to set for two hours, peel it off and your brows are done. Now I love this idea and it does save abit of time in a morning. ( last week I forgot to put on any eye makeup and if I hadn’t used this on my brows the day before I would have looked even worse than I did on that day!!)
The shade I went for was Medium Brown which is the same as the Maybelline product and it’s the same tube and brush.
The only difference I found with this product is that it takes a little longer to set on your brows which is fine as long as you don’t touch them or mess with them. I just paint mine at say 7 o clock. Pop on Emmadale and peel them off at 9 o clock. It works so well for me as they are always a little darker than I want them to be so after a nights sleep and a face wash in the morning with cleansing etc, they are the perfect shade. I would say you can get about 3 days out of them before you have to do them again. The last day maybe you do need to fill them in with abit of a brow pencil but really it is just a fill in and nothing major at all.
I can’t believe when I first tried the Maybelline version of this I was really scared as I thought it would be there forever and now I don’t like it when it fades. So if you are a little nervous about trying I would definitely recommend.
I would definitely buy this one in a heartbeat as it’s just as good as the Maybelline one for half the price.
Lastly thank you for taking the time to read this and if you have tried the foundation or this brow product please leave me a comment and let me know how you have got on.
Until next time
Jue X

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  1. Would you buy the Maybelline brow tattoo again? I am thinking of buying but after reading this I am wondering about the Revolution brow tint instead?

    1. Aww thank you for commenting..I would definitely go for the Revolution Brow tint as it’s £6 and a very similar product but I would buy the Maybelline Brow Tattoo again if I couldn’t get hold of the Revolution one. ❤️

  2. I have recently tried this brow product and really enjoyed it x

    1. It’s so good isn’t it.. thank you for your comment X

  3. Replies
    1. You can’t go wrong with Revolution at the moment. Thank you for commenting X