September 01, 2018

By Jue Douglas
Hello again you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by for another of what I like to call my monthly favourites.
I can’t believe we are in September already. I’ve already popped away my flip flop and bought my winter jumpers to the front of my wardrobe!!  
Monthly favourites are my favourite type of posts to write.
(I do love a “whats in my bag” post as well but that never seems to change as even though I carry a different bag the contents stay the same. There are only so many times I can show you my phone and purse and you not getting bored with my content.)

Well we all know by now that I’m a summer person ( I’ve lost count how many times I’ve said it!) and I never want it to end but sadly it has too.
I have had a lovely summer and have been so loving new products that I have been using which I thought I would share with you.
Some of you may know that I did go on my holidays in August,so I’ve tried to include a few products that I took away with me and really enjoyed using.
First thing I am loving is the SLEEK Highlighting Palette and Foundation. I don’t want to bore you again with my love for both these products but I couldn’t write an August favourites post on here and not give them both a cheeky little mention. My previous posts will tell you all about my love for them if you fancy reading a more in-depth review about both products.

My next new favourite is the NIP + FAB Exfoliating wipes. These come in a little tube and you get 60 little pads. They retail at £14.99 but you guys know I’m not going to pay that for them. I bought 3 tubs when they were on a Superdrug Star Buy offer at £5. ( I wish they were at this price all the time!!) These little pads are amazing. I swear my skin has never looked so clear. I go over my face with one of these after I’ve removed all my makeup and they make my skin feel lovely. They don’t really smell of anything and the little tube makes them so easy to carry around. My Skin Pigmentation that I had really bad last year has not returned this year even though I’ve probably had more Sun exposure this year.  Obviously I can’t credit these wipes for all that as I’ve also been using my SUPERDRUG ANTI AGEING FACIAL SUNCREAM £3.49 which also has to be another of my favourites.  I love how this Suncream doesn’t make your skin feel greasy which many sun creams can do and no spots as well which is another plus point.
Talking about Suncream, I have recently returned from my holidays in Spain and used the SOLAIT range while I was away. It’s amazing stuff and with its 5 star rating I didn’t burn once. Definitely worth a try if you still have a holiday planned or looking for some winter sun.          
 As well as facial exfoliation I also love the ones you can get for your body as well.
The new range from Dove are amazing. They are £2.85 for a tube with 4 fragrances to choose from. The one I picked up was the Crushed Macadamia and Rice Milk scent one. I did have a cheeky little smell of them all and this was my stand out favourite smell. They feel so nice on your skin and you really feel like you're exfoliating your skin. It even leaves a lovely subtle scent afterwards which is so nice and definitely worth a try.
Last month I did talk about my love for HAWAIIAN TROPIC BODY MIST £10 these are a must have and still my very favourite body mists that are available. The One that I am digging this month is the GOLDEN PARADISE scent which to me is “holiday in a bottle”. I have used this for a couple of years now and have called it “holiday in a body” ever since I’ve smelt it. This is the first time I actually took the product on holiday with me and now it will forever remind me of my summer holidays making me love it even more. I know this product has been in a few monthly favourites but to me these Body Mist are such good value and last such a long time that they are well worth the £10 price tag. ( I did get mine on a buy on get one half price offer from Superdrug if you want to save even more money!) 

If you’re looking for a cheaper body spray alternative this month I have rediscovered IMPULSE.
When I was in school Impulse was the most popular body spray brand you could get and we used to have one in every fragrance. Sadly in recent years the brand isn’t as popular which is such a shame as a lot of them do smell lovely. They retail at around £1.98 but you can always get them for around 99p if you shop around. The fragrance I picked up was TEASE. My favourite scent in the Impulse range is TRUE LOVE but they were
completely sold out of that fragrance which I’m not surprised at if I’m honest as it’s the best. A few yearback the brand did do one called PARIS which smelt beautiful but they discontinued it which was a shame. Anyway these are great to pop in your bag for a quick freshen up during the day. 

I am also loving my new phone case I bought from EBay that I featured in my “whats in my holiday bag” post. I love phone cases you can buy from EBay as they as super cheap and you can afford to swap and change your cases without breaking the bank. I do love a Skinny Dip case but find they are expensive so if I can pick up a similar case from an EBay store in China for a £1 or so I certainly don’t mind waiting a few weeks for shipping for it to arrive.
The one I’ve got is covered in little Palm Trees and is perfect for holidays.
I completely love my new bag which I got from H&M £16.99 especially for my holidays. 
I used it for my “Whats in my holiday bag” post a few weeks or so ago and didn’t use anything else on my holiday. I am completely loving the Straw Woven bag trend that is around at the moment and will be sad now it’s coming up to the Autumn months that I have to put it away for next summer. As soon as I get a new bag for Autumn you know there is going to be a post all about it don’t you.
Now I know I’m all for budget buys but I did have a little splurge on the aeroplane. I have been eyeing up the Petite Daniel Wellington watch for ages and when I saw it for 20% off on the aeroplane I had to buy it. Now I normally don’t spend £75 on a watch and have had my little Casio for years but I was on holiday and my guard was down and I wasn’t thinking about the price. Anyway I love it and it’s my new favourite item. 

This time last year I was obsessed with Depop and then fell out of love with it when I had a few bad experiences with it. 
For anyone who doesn’t know, it’s similar to EBay. Well I’m happy to say I’m back loving it again and have ordered plenty from it in the last month. My last purchase being a bag which I didn’t need but bought anyway. It hasn’t arrived yet but you will be the first to see it as soon as it does.

Now for the side of blogging that I’m not to comfortable in doing. The things that I didn’t really get on with or liked. At the beginning of this blog I didn’t know if I was going to include these items but I’m feeling ruthless so here they are.
First of all I didn’t enjoy the EYLURE DYLASH DYE £9.99. This stuff is expensive and I didn’t really see any improvement. I know many people who do love and buy this but if your lashes are dark brown it doesn’t really make a difference.
Another product I’m not keen on is the MAKEUP GALLERY WATERPROOF MASCARA £1. Now I don’t know what I was expecting for a pound but with so many brilliant budget beauty bargains about I thought this was going to be one of them. It works amazingly as a Mascara but as soon as you get a hint of water gets near your face you do start to resemble Alice Cooper ( I have said this before and got a message asking me who’s Alice Cooper was.) Please Google him if you are unsure as he’s one of my faves but I certainly don’t want my makeup like him! 
Anyway enough of my endless rambles. I would love to know what you have been loving this month!
Until next time
Love and the last bit of Summer
Jue X

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