November 25, 2018

By Jue Douglas 

So Aldi have only gone and done it. Not only have they bought Kevin the Carrot into our lives they have also added a little bit of beauty dupe excitement as well, in the form of a few makeup products I have recently picked up from my local store.
Now you guys know how I love to set the scene so here goes... It was 8 o clock on a Thursday morning and I had rushed to Aldi to buy a Kevin the carrot. Well not a Kevin I had my eye on the Parsnip because who doesn’t love a naughty Parsnip. Anyway after queuing for my Parsnip I wandered around the store and stumbled across these goodies that I’m going to share with you.
The familiar packaging makes these beauty dupes a little bit obvious to what the product is meant to be. Infact I’m not sure how they manage to do it. I know some people don’t agree with cheaper brands copying more expensive brands but I for one love it. Firstly it makes my life easier finding the products. Secondly I don’t have the kind of money to buy the full price expensive products and even if I did I could think of better things to buy than over priced makeup.
Now before I start I just want to point out that the only one of the luxury products have had tried is the Benefit Hoola bronzer. Which if I’m honest I did enjoy. I swatched the Nars blusher at the airport this year but that was only on my hand and not my face so I can’t really compare these products with  the more expensive counterparts. I thought it would still make a nice post to share these with you even though I can’t do a proper comparison.
Aldi are really killing it with their dupes at the moment. A few posts ago I told you about Aldi’s dupe of the Pixi glow tonic which I loved. ( I will leave a link for you in case you missed it!) and as from 22nd November they have 6 new products! ( I only have 4 but will tell you about the other two just in case you are interested!

Click to read my

Now first of all are the two I couldn’t get hold of which were the LACURA BEAUTIFYING DAILY BALM (£2.29) which is the dupe for the CLARINS BEAUTY FLASH BALM (£32) and the LACURA SNAPSHOT READY FOUNDATION PRIMER (£5.99) which is the brand version of the SMASHBOX PHOTO FINISH FOUNDATION PRIMER. (£26)
The packaging with these like normal is virtually identical (it’s one of those double take items) but the prices are completely different. If I manage to get hold of these two products I will let you know at a later date.

Now for the ones I did get hold of.

I’m going to start off with my favourite of the 6 products it’s the LACURA BROADWAY SHAPE AND GLOW £6.99 highlighter. This is Aldi’s version of the CHARLOTTE TILBURY FILMSTAR BRONZE AND GLOW £49. I can’t believe that this product is £49!! and Aldi do a £6.99 version.
Now I’m not sure if the LACURA one is the same as the Charlotte Tilbury one but this I completely love the packaging and gives a beautiful glow to your face. The contour is the perfect shade as it’s not too dark and is super blendable.
 The next product that I completely love is the LACURA BLUSH £5.99 this is a dupe for Nars. The packaging is spot on and the shade is perfect. I have never used a Nars blusher but like I said did a cheeky little swatch at the airport of one and wasn’t that impressed. This to me is amazing and I will probably go back for another one.

The ALOHA BRONZER £5.99 will come as no surprise that it’s a dupe for Benefits Hoola bronzer. This is one of the products I can compare as I do own the original version! I’m a big fan of both these
bronzers but definitely don’t think it’s worth paying the extra for the more expensive product. The Aldi version does look darker in the photo but on application it’s surprisingly lighter and definitely more flattering for my skin tone.

The last product I have is the TOO LEGIT OUT THERE MASCARA £5.99. This is a dupe for another Benefit Makeup product. The packaging is completely the same shape as the Benefit They’re Real mascara and from a distant looks the same. The brush is a really good shape especially for the lower lashes. Lashes definitely looked longer but if you need more volume this probably isn’t the mascara for you.

Thank you to Aldi for the release of these products as not everyone has lots of money at this time of year to spend on makeup. It definitely makes me happy even though I do think these dupes are a little bit cheeky.
If I do get hold of the other two products I will let you know what they are like.
Until next time
Jue X

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  1. Louise - Pretty Polly Beauty25 November 2018 at 22:00

    I didn't realise there was a They're Real dupe too!! So good to hear that there are some good, more affordable alternatives out there. Fab post x

    1. Aww Louise thank you so much for commenting.. if you get hold of any of the products I would love to hear what you think! X

  2. Replies
    1. Aww thank you and thank you for commenting X