February 28, 2019

By Jue Douglas

Well that went quick didn’t it? Yes my “Juelook” blog is 2 years old this very day!!! It seems like only yesterday I finally started writing this blog and being committed to doing something! ( My original blog was called “The Juelook blog” and if I’m honest was a bit of a disaster but we won’t talk about that one and is well and truly deleted!

To celebrate my 2 years I thought what better way than to do my February Favourites post as my “Favourites” posts seem to be popular and it’s something I really enjoy talking about.

As it’s a celebration I’m not going to mention products I don’t like as I don’t want to moan in my blog. You guys know I’m not about moaning on here just positive vibes and with the weather being as gorgeous as it is ( on the day I’m writing this) who wants to moan!!!
Anyway let’s start off with makeup as yes that’s my favourite!
My favourite Foundation this month has to be the L’Oréal Infallible 24Hour Fresh wear foundation. I have loved this since before Christmas and can’t recommend it enough. This month I tried the Infallible more than concealer as well and they both work brilliantly together. The concealer covers everything and works really nicely with the foundation. I know some people use the concealer as a heavy duty foundation and even though I probably wouldn’t do this very often it’s a good idea for holidays or travel but I personally prefer a separate concealer to foundation.
Recently I was sent a Pixi PR package and yes I was overwhelmed ( I did cry a little with joy!!) Inside the box was this beautiful palette. It’s called the Reflex Palette and contains 12 beautiful shades. The colours are warm tones because well.. you know how much I love my warm tone eyeshadows. Since receiving this I haven’t used another eye palette only this one. I have also been using the top couple of shades as highlighters and they last and look so beautiful. So definitely a favourite.
The Revlon Matte lipsticks are amazing for people like me who can’t get out of the neutral matte lipstick phase from a few years ago. These cost £7.99 and I bought them on a 3 for 2 offer. Yes they are a little bit more expensive for me to pay for a lipstick but they are really long lasting and the shades are very neutral and worth the money.

If like me you are a little bit obsessed with skincare the next two products are definitely worth a try.
I have spoken about my love for Sanctuary Spa before and the Glow Tonic has to be one of my favourite. This makes your skin look super clear and I find using it with the Naturally Radiant foaming face wash makes my skin super smooth and clear. Both products are definitely worth a try.                                  
You guys know how much I love a freebie and these masks were free from Superdrug if you bought 3 skincare products. ( offer subject to change) The little box comes complete with the two masks. Both of which are really nice. There were two different boxes to choose from and yes I did end up with both of them. I do love a sheet mask and love how they make my skin feel.
My last favourite are these fragrances from Superdrug. They are super cute, smell amazing and are dupes for more expensive brands. I have spoken about these before and I’m sure they have made it onto favourites posts in the past. Now I know they don’t last as long as the more expensive perfume but if you’re like me and just like a little spritzy to freshen up they are great to have in your handbag so you can smell nice all the time.

Lastly I just want to say a big Thank You to everyone who has supported me over the last couple of years. Whether it’s the brands, companies, fellow bloggers, friends, family or you guys that take the time out of your day to read this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you fancy sharing the embarrassment of my first ever JueLook blog post with me I’m going to leave the link below! It’s very cringeworthy and I’m sorry!

Lots of Love
Jue X

**Some items were gifted!

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  1. I need to try that Pixi palette

    1. Definitely try the Pixi Palette. Thank you for commenting X