April 06, 2019

Foot peeling socks for 89p! 
By Jue Douglas

Hi you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by. I hope you’ve all had a good week and life is good! As you guys all know I do like myself abit of budget beauty. It’s where I originally started with my blog and is what makes my little heart the happiest!! 

With the Summer months fast approaching it’s time for us to sort our feet out!! ( I’m saying “us” I’m meaning ME!! you probably all have lovely feet!!) The Winter has taken it’s toll. That and the fact I do spend a lot of time on my feet.
Before I bare all ( with my feet you understand, no where else is being uncovered I can assure you!!) my feet are in need of some major TLC.
I don’t know anyone who likes feet and I certainly don’t like mine. I never have them really on show except flip flops in the garden or on a beach so this is why they don’t really get any love in the Winter months!!

So I’ll set the seen.. I’m walking into my local Home Bargains looking for snacks without chocolate ( I’ve given chocolate up for lent for no reason other than I’ve done it since I was 11 years old!) and a little packet caught my eye. I don’t really normally bother with the toiletries in Home Bargains it’s all about the snacks and cans of fizzy pop ( diet of course!!) that I’m all about!!!
Anyway as I was saying I noticed they had a range of Derma V10 foot masks that were priced at 89p and I don’t know about you but that seems a really good deal. Now imagine my over excited when on closer inspection one turned out to be an exfoliating foot peel! Not just a normal foot mask an actual foot peel!! Yes for 89p!!
I have used products from Derma V10 before and I love their motto of “Love yourself for less” even though I can’t remember what products I have bought from the brand or if I enjoyed using them.

I’ve bought foot peel masks in the past for a lot more money so at 89p this seems to good to be true. I was dubious and thought if I tried it and it didn’t work I wouldn’t have lost much and if it did work I would go back and buy more.
Anyway I thought I would give you a little run though of the product and how it works and if it’s worth buying just in case it’s a bargain! 
I discovered peeling foot socks last year. The way they work and most of them are pretty much the same. You wear the little plastic soaks over your feet for about 90 mins and in a weeks time all your dead skin off your feet will peel away like magic and you are left with beautiful soft feet.
I have done this twice before with the Superdrug ones which are £8.99 at the moment but they do go on offer sometimes for about £5. Just as you give up all hope of them working they suddenly out of the blue they start to work and yes skin ends up everywhere but you end up with such nice soft feet it’s worth a few days of peeling skin.
The Superdrug ones! 
The application to the Derma V10 foot peel socks does work in the same way as the Superdrug ones did. On the packet it does promise to “gently remove rough dead skin to leave your feet soft and silky smooth”.
They contain similar ingredients to the Superdrug ones except Salicylic Acid amongst other things.
They are comfortable to wear ( it feels like you have plastic bags on your feet!)
You do have to work out which way around they go on and I think you may struggle if you have larger than a size 8 foot. This didn’t apply for me but it’s worth knowing just in case.

You have to leave them on for 90 mins but you are able to walk around in them. The floor can be slippy though but I’m sure you are all more careful than me!!!I found I did pop a pair of normal socks over the top of them just for that reason.
 After 90 mins my feet were white and very wrinkled. They soon return to normal so not to worry. Another thing to be careful of is if you have painted toe nails they probably won’t be painted after wearing the socks. So next time I’m going to remove my polish before I start.
The packaging does say the product contains Tea Tree and Peppermint. These are really good ingredients for a footcare product even though you can’t really smell the Tea Tree or the Peppermint if I’m being honest. ( I’m not really a fan of the smell of Tea Tree so this didn’t bother me!)
So I’m not going to gross you all out with before and after pictures as that might be too much for anyone at anytime of the day.
Even though I do feel pictures would be the best way of explaining how these work. Saying that you don’t want to be seeing my peeling skin while you’re finishing your cuppa do you. So I decided against it.

I would say if you have really hard skin on your feet I don’t think these will cut it. Yes they do make your feet soft after you first use them. But around the heels ( my problem areas) weren’t as soft as when I used the Superdrug ones. After a week my skin did peel a little bit and I felt they were working but not as much as I had hoped for and certainly not as well as the Superdrug ones had.

I will try them again though as they do make your feet really soft in certain places. If you have relatively nice feet to start off with these might be right up your street. I found that they mostly peeled underneath my feet ( on the arch) which if I’m honest wasn’t too bad in the first place. I really wanted to see some action around my heels which if I’m honest after 2 weeks of waiting I’ve given up.
It’s such a shame as I did have high hopes for these socks after reading some reviews online but if you have feet like mine you might need something stronger.

My conclusion is buy the Superdrug ones if you have really hard skin. If your skin isn’t too bad in the first place these Derma V10 ones are perfect.

If you have tried these I would love to hear your views.
Until next time
Jue X

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  1. The footner ones are better!

    1. I’m going to have to give them a try! Thank you for commenting X

  2. I use the Superdrug ones regularly x

    1. They are good aren’t they!! Thank you for commenting X