April 17, 2019

By Jue Douglas

I don’t know about you but doesn’t it feel as though spring has sprung. Something feels really different in the air. I know it might just be the pollen but at last I’m able to sit out without my coat!!!
At this time of year it makes me think about Summer like.....
Do I have enough summer clothes? ( probably yes!)
Can I fit into said clothes? ( probably no!)
Am i wearing the right shade of foundation? ( probably no!)
Should I buy all sparkly new makeup? ( YES!!)
and Do I need to fake tan? ( definitely yes!!)

So hands up if you have ever had a tanning disaster? Well that’s me most weeks. I’m not the greatest at applying fake tan and always end up with bits that I’ve missed ( in between my fingers shouldn’t be looked too closely at!).
The best time was when I was asked why my forehead was orange!!  I did know the person so not such a horror story and we laugh about it now!! ( well she laughs about it!!) but I had been walking around all day blissfully unaware.
With this in mind I thought I would rate three tannings products that I have been trying from best to worst.
I’m also going to throw into the mix a couple of gradual tans that I love that allow you to build up the colour that you want without any shocks in the morning.
I think I will start off with these two which are from Skinny Tan and Dove.
Both of these I would say are on a parr with each other. Perhaps the Skinny Tan smells a little bit nicer but whichever is on offer I would buy either.
The Dove called “Summer Revived” is always on offer somewhere and I would never pay the full £6.99 it sometimes retails at. They did rebrand this a few years back (and popped it into new packaging. You can still buy the old packaging product in Home Bargains for £2.49. I have a feeling it’s called “Summer Glow” but I could be wrong!  I think because it’s older stock it doesn’t work as well and you could end up 50 shades of orange! Trust me I’ve been there!!
The Skinny Tan one is called “Body Glow”  comes in a handy pump not a tube. It retails at £7.99 but this is sometimes on an offer as well in Superdrug.
Both are very buildable and if you suffer with dry patches on your arms or legs both add moisture so is better for your skin than the traditional fake tan alone.
I have heard lots of good reports about the Skinny Tan fake tan range and might try other items from the range out soon.

After been asked to try a couple of products in the Norvell range, it’s fast because my favourite fake tan ever. It’s the product when I’ve applied it correctly I get the most compliments about. It’s not a budget product I would say but sometimes you just have to have a bit of luxury in your life.
The Venetian tanning mist is the latest to be added to my ever growing fake tan collection and it’s definitely my favourite. It retails at £35.99 and you can buy it directly from the brand.
This comes in a spray which I find so much easier. It comes with some little nostril protectors so you don’t inhale the fumes if you spray your face. This to me is such a good idea. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought about inhaling fumes before in regards to fake tan.
Anyway the spray contains violet and bronze tones to help deepen your bronzed glow without any hint of orange to be seen. It’s cruelty free and vegan and also has benefits included that help to brighten, tighten and firm skin. I don’t know if this works yet as I’ve only been using it for the last couple of weeks or so but I can’t wait to see in the future.
Older readers to my blog might remember my previous post I did about the Norvell Ultra Vivid 1 Hour rapid tan. I will leave a link below just in case you missed it.

Now onto my favourite budget tan and it’s by Rimmel. Yes we love the makeup and the fake tan is just as amazing. I picked up the light matte shade and even though I do tend to go for darker shades this for me is plenty.
Because I picked these up really cheaply from Superdrug I think they might be discontinued but you can pick them up still from Home Bargains at around £3.99.
They are so easy to use and the foam spreads perfectly and evenly with a tanning mitt.
The shade develops by itself with no waiting or mess and it washes off without being patchy.
Now for the one I didn’t get on with. It’s the Freshly Baked one that made me go orange, was very patchy and didn’t smell of Coconut.
I have heard so many good reports about this. Making me think that I had a bad batch. Saying that it’s still banished to the back of my ever full bathroom cupboard. Probably to never be seen again.
Please bear in mind I am still new to fake tan and I haven’t tried that many yet. If you have any recommendations leave me a comment as I always love a good recommendation!!
Have you had a tanning disaster?
Leave your tanning horror stories below I would love to hear them!!
Until next time X

Jue X

Big shoutout to Alex Silver PR and Norvell tanning for the Norvell gifted items

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  1. Dove is my go to tan after I had a tanning disaster with Bondi Sands. Never again!

    1. I feel your pain!! So you don’t recommend Bondi Sands then! That was one of the brands I was thinking of trying! Thank you for the info and commenting X