May 01, 2019

We all want to take good care of our skin, especially in summer when we tend to think more about applying an SPF to our faces. I for one love skincare and tend to be a tad bit obsessed with it. Luckily  if you’re anything like me and enjoy skincare but at the same time need an SPF not just in the summer months but all year around help is at hand.
The help comes from Proto-col who have been collagen experts since 2003. The brand have rebranded their intense protection day moisturiser SPF 50+  for 2019 and I’ve been lucky enough to try it out.

Firstly let me tell you abit about the brand. Proto-col was founded in 2003 by elite athlete James Greenwell.
James, following a sports injury of a torn Achilles’ tendon found that Collagen helped in his recovery.
When James retired he launched the Proto-col brand and he along side skincare and nutrition experts developed the brand. With Collagen supplements and state of the art formulations based on reliable research and innovative ingredients you can see why it’s the leading collagen brand.
The company launched with one product. ( the Proto-col pure collagen capsules) which soon become the holy grail anti-ageing product to beauty experts and A list celebrities worldwide.
Since then Proto-col now has three different ranges with over 70 products available. 
The latest one being the Proto-col intense protection day moisturiser SPF 50+ moisturiser. 

So what does this moisturiser have to offer..
Proto-col has added to its skincare range of innovation plant based collagen a Intense protection day moisturiser SPF 50 +.
This brand new formula product helps to shield the skin from free radials and high SPF protection against the main causes of premature ageing ( UVA, UVB Pollution and environmental stresses).
As well of this the moisturiser also contains the antioxidant vitamin Panthenol Vitamin B5. This Vitamin prevents the accumulation of free radicals in the epidermis which gives us a healthier complexion.
If this wasn’t enough it also has added ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Coral Seaweed, Fresh Royal Jelly and Plant- Derived Collagen.
This day moisturiser promises to plump, hydrate and soften the complexion and is suitable for all skin types.
So how did I find it.
Firstly let’s look at the packaging. The packaging is really beautiful. Its packaged in a simple but classy box. Once opened, It’s really lightweight which I was surprised about as I thought it was a glass bottle. This is better for travelling and lighter for on the go. You get 50ml of product and the product comes in a simple pump design.

The pump doesn’t over pump out product and I found that one pump did the whole of my face.
 You really don’t need a lot of the product as a little goes a really long way so I think the bottle would last you quite a while.
 You have to work the product into your face and I would say you do have to wait a while for the product to soak in if you are using it under makeup. I did mix it with my foundation and applied it on a beauty blender. It went on really nicely and it was reassuring to know that if you use this product with a foundation it doesn’t matter if your foundation contains a SPF or not your still going to be sun safe.

So I’ve been using this product now for a couple of weeks and I can honestly say my skin feels lovely. I feel like because the weather has been so warm I have been able to test the product not only as a face cream but as a facial sun cream as well. I’m happy to say it’s done the job perfectly. No red faces or problematic pigmentation, which I do tend to suffer from. My skin feels soft to touch with no breakouts that facial sun creams can bring on.
I also found that if you suffer from dry skin under your eyes adding this product to your skincare routine can help your foundation from settling into your fine lines under your eyes and can help reduce them. 
Not only have I been using this product in the day, I’ve also added it into my night time skincare routine. For no reason really other than the fact that I love how it makes my skin feel the next morning. 

This amazing product is available to purchase from Proto-col for £39.95 and I will leave you a link below so you can check out the full range. It’s quick and easy to order and the company do have a 5 star trust pilot rating so what’s not to love. 

Until next time
Jue X

*gifted item. 

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