July 28, 2019

So last week I got a very exciting PR package from PIXI. I’m not talking a little bit excited I’m talking really excited. The type of excited where you just want to shout and tell the world. It’s not everyday that I receive such a lovely package and thought I would go though the items one by one. 
I have talked about PIXI products before especially the glow collection which is the original Glycolic Acid tonic and the best in my eyes.
Today I thought I would run though the new range that’s available with the prices and benefits to our skin, just in case you fancied a little look.
 I have been using these products since they arrived but really it’s a bit early to comment and do a proper review, I did want to mention my first impressions now  and do a proper review at a later date.
So over the past few days my face has literally been caked in Pixi Vitamin C products and yes I already have a favourite!
The range consists of 5 new brightening products from the Pixi Vitamin C range. All the products contain Vitamin C and Ferulic Acid which are great to use along side an SPF to protect our skin against free radicals and sun damage.
This is important to me as I love the sunshine and am a self confessed sun worshiper. I suffer from pigmentation especially in the summer and really rate the Pixi Glow tonic in helping me with that. Saying this I’m really intrigued to find out about the new collection and how it will benefit my skin.
So what are the 5 new products..
First of all the smell of the products! They smell amazing. I really want to say like oranges but so much more citrusy than that. The products came packed in a plastic jar ( it even had my name on it!) and as soon as I opened the lid the beautiful smell hits you. To me it’s like summer in a jar.
This product is my favourite in the range. The juice cleanser is a brightening, antioxidant cleansing water that if you use in conjunction with the tonic and the balm makes an easy brightening skincare routine. This no rinse cleanser is to be used in a similar way to a Micellar water but with the Vitamin C makes it kinder to your skin. It contains ferulic Acid and probiotics to help, preserve and protect your skin.
I found this removed dirt that I never knew I had on my skin and my makeup definitely applied easier    after using this product. I loved the packaging to this an was expecting the lid to be the same as the glow tonic but it’s not. This makes the product easy to use and harder to spill.
This looks like the original glow tonic but that’s where the comparisons end. Unlike the original glow tonic this one doesn’t contain Glycolic Acid which makes it a perfect toner to use in the summer months. 
This tonic (toner) contains probiotics that help to fortify skins barrier as well as willow bark and fruit extracts that gently exfoliate.
I’ve been using it everyday for a few days and already I’ve noticed this has really helped with my pigmentation. I can’t wait to carry on using this to see the benefits of this to my face with continued use.
The serum comes in a little bottle with a little droplet. This makes sure you use the right amount for your face. 
The serum contains ferulic Acid that is an ingredient that is proven to reduce the effects of sun damage and free radicals. This helps to improve skin tone and a smoother complexion. 
I found you only really need a couple of drops and you have your face covered. Not only does it feel really nice but it smells amazing and you feel like your giving your skin a real treat. 
I have only been using this for a few days and I can already see the benefits. 
This is such a luxurious feeling product to apply that feels great to pop onto your skin at bedtime. Its a rich balm formulation, that soaks into your skin. 
With its potent antioxidant it really does help to promote healthy collagen and boosts skin luminously.  I used this at bedtime and in the morning  my skin looked refreshed and soft to the touch.

This is a very light moisturiser. It promotes healthy collagen with its potent antioxidant ingredient and will boost skin luminosity.
It’s really light weight and makes a great primer. It’s suitable to use on all skin types and can be used as and when it’s needed. 
This light lotion is perfect to wear everyday. It feels super nice on your skin and not too heavy. I applied mine under makeup and felt it was light enough to do so. I can’t wait to see how my skin fairs with prolonged use of not just this but with all of the products. 

If you fancied buying anything from the new range I will leave the link below. I love how the whole Pixi range is Cruelty Free and a lot of the range is Vegan friendly as well so what’s not to love.

If you do buy anything I would love to know what you are enjoying at the moment.
Until next time.
Jue X

*Big thank you to PIXI PR for kindly gifting this to me to try out.
* Even though the items were gifted this is not a paid / requested post and all the opinions are my own.

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  1. The Caviar is on my to buy list. x

    1. Aww definitely get it!
      My “to by” list is far too long!! Thank you for commenting X

  2. Is the Vitamin C tonic any good?

  3. Just seen your update on this blog post. The results are really good!