August 06, 2019

Hey you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by. 
So accessories are a big deal to me. In fact bags and purses are a little bit of an obsession. Some people love shoes, but with me it’s bags and purses.
 As long as I have a nice purse or bag I’m a happy girl. I know many of you are the same and that’s why I thought I would write a post sharing my love for 
For those of you who have never heard of the brand I will give you a little back story ( you know how much I love a back story)
Village Leathers first began in 1974 by Tony and Angie selling all kinds of leather accessories. Over the past 45 years the business has become very well established, selling not only in the heart of Londons Jubilee Market in Convent Garden but online to a worldwide market. 
It still remains a family business. In fact Mark ( Tony and Angie's son) works in the workshop and has such a good knowledge of all the goods that they produce. 

The workshop is based in London and was once a home to horses.It’s ideal for the production of new ideas, creativity, photography and has space to produce small batches for the shops and online customers. 
With the factory being small every item has been made with love and not mass produced. In the day of throw away fashion these beauties are made to last.
The Chroma and Roam ranges include handbags, clutch bags and purses. These can be made in many different shades for example the Chroma items are available in Green, Red, Sky Blue and Yellow and the Roam items are available in Tangerine Orange, Red and Yellow. 
Each item is made to order and for that extra personal touch can be monogrammed with either your initials, name or just a special message to someone you love. This would make it an amazing,  personal, one of a kind gift for someone special.

So onto the coin purse which I received which was the  VILLAGE LEATHERS COIN PURSE

I do love a coin purse. Regular readers who have followed my “what’s in my bag” posts previously will already know this. I always tend to go for smaller handbag so if I had a large purse I wouldn’t be able to carry around some of my other essential items, so the purse has to be small. This is where the Roam Leather Zip Purse is perfect. 
It’s made from soft luxurious leather and has been stitched together to create the perfect minimal purse. Even though it’s small, it’s the perfect size to hold cards and cash. So if you’re looking fora small purse for a night out or a small purse for everyday, like me this one is perfect.
The purse measures 8.5cm X 12cm but all the measurements are included on the website if you love the idea of a genuine leather purse but need a bigger one than this. Other colours, designs and accessories are available so it’s worth a look if not for your self, for gift ideas for the upcoming months ahead.

I will leave you the link below so you can view the whole collection for yourselves. I have also found a picture of some of the products that are available/ 
All the products and prices are available on the VILLAGE LEATHERS website.

Until next time
Jue X

Contains a PR gifted item. 
Thank you to Village Leathers and Roy from Howling Moon PR for kindly gifting this to me. 

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  1. Love your positivity, you always seem happy x

    1. Aww thank you for your kind words and support.
      Your comment has made me really happy. Thank you X

  2. Just been online. They sell some nice things. x

    1. The website is amazing isn’t it. Thank you for commenting X

  3. They sell some amaze accessories x