November 07, 2019

So it’s coming to that time of year when we are looking for gifts to buy for people. I don’t know about you but I’m always looking for great gift ideas. So when I was asked if I wanted one of the RADICAL TEA TOWEL washbags to review, how could I turn it down.
The Radical Tea Towel company have created a range of washbags featuring retro images from great radical thinkers from great moments in history.
I love reading about history and I find it amazing how far things have changed within the last 100 years especially for women’s rights. Whatever you think of UK politics at the moment the suffragette movement is a great moment in history and yes should be celebrated.

So who are the Radical Tea Towel Company..
You guys know how I love myself a good back story and always love finding out how companies started out and this one is no different.
Beatrice, Tim and Luke Pearce started the company in May 2011 in South Wales. The idea came about when Bea was looking for a suitable politically themed birthday present for a close relative. She decided that some kind of left wing tea towel would make the ideal gift but couldn’t find one. With a gap in the market she decided to design her own, starting with tea towels ( hence the name) and have since branched out to other items.
The company do all the designs themselves, choosing which pictures from history to include and the products are manufactured in the UK with ethical partners.

When doing my research I came across a page from Bea the co founder of the company. She had written a beautiful piece about the company which I will link below. 
I really wanted to include this into my review as it’s written so well and it’s written from the heart. As Bea is writing about her family and when I read it gave me a little warm glow inside.

So how did I find the washbag.
Firstly the design is by a lady called Hilda Dallas and is based on a 1909 poster advertising Votes for Women, the official Suffragette newspaper. 
Thanks to these women, women can vote almost everywhere in the world so I think they should be celebrated. The picture print quality is amazing and the bag is really lightweight yet study. The bag itself has a water resistant lining, which can be wiped clean very easily making it great for toiletries and cosmetics.
Sold as a wash bag it could be used as a pencil case, or just holding anything that needs keeping in a safe place. The bag measures 30 x 15cm and opens out generously, so big enough for all your needs. The zip feels quite sturdy as well so if you do over fill it ( like me with all my toiletries) it’s sturdy enough not to break. 
It’s also safe to be washed at 30 degrees so if you do have a minor spillage nothing is going to be ruined.

The bag retails at £18 and makes an ideal gift  

It’s also not just about the suffragette movement or history either other designs are available. You can even buy products regarding BREXIT making the products very current.

The company sell Tea towels, Mugs, Aprons, even Christmas Cards the list is endless. It’s a great place to find a gift for someone who you just don’t know what to buy for.

Until next time
Jue X 

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  1. Just been on the website. I now have plenty of Xmas ideas

    1. Aww I’m glad to help! Thank you so much for commenting X

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  3. Nice article! Summarises our business very well, thanks Jue! Luke

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  4. I need one of these bags!