November 22, 2019

So you guys know I love a good dupe product especially at this time of year when money is tight. Sometimes you need to buy a little something that’s not expensive but let’s the recipient know you are thinking of them. You know as a small token gift that’s not expensive. This is what makes SECRET SASS the perfect gift idea.
I first discovered the brand in October 2018 on a little trip to Poundland. I popped a couple in my basket for yes £1 each and found they were a real bargain. The bottles are super similar to the old style bottles from a very well known company and I did actually do a double take thinking they were them at first.
So the brand have kindly gifted me five brand new scents from their new range  to try out and I’m super excited to share my thoughts with you about them.
First of all how much do they look like a product so much more expensive. Unless you were familiar with the brand they could easy pass off for so much more than £1. This is what I love about them. You could gift one of these and not look like you had only spent a £1 or  could also buy yourself one as a little treat and not feel guilty about spending money on yourself.

The bottles contains 125ml of product which I think would fit nicely into a standard sized handbag. The bottle is pump action which I do prefer over an aerosol. I find brands are going for this more than an aerosol lately and I’m happy with this.
The new range contains five more dupe fragrances to add to the collection of previously released ones that I had already purchased from Poundland last year.
So what are the new fragrances...
I was expecting Pink Lady to smell like apples, but it doesn’t. It’s not fruity at all. I found it to smell quite powdery which I completely loved. It smells so clean and fresh and is definitely long lasting.

This is another floral scent and not at all fruity. I couldn’t really smell any of the blood orange which I didn’t mind because I’m not keen on citrus smells. The wild orchid is definitely the strongest note in this and if you love floral scents you will love this.
So as the same suggests this is a floral scent. It’s quite powerful and wasn’t really my favourite at the start. It does settle in time and after the initial scent is really nice and subtle on your skin.
This has to be one of my favourites due to the fact I’m obsessed with Vanilla and Coconut  fragrances. Obviously if you aren’t a fan of coconut this isn’t going to be the scent for you but I love it. It’s super long lasting and sums up summer in a bottle.
I have left the best till last.
This I would describe as an evening scent. It’s really heavy, but in a good way not a bad one. I would say the fragrance could easily be a full on perfume not just a body spray. It’s a real steal if you could pick it up for £1. It’s definitely the one that lasted on me the longest and it does kind of remind me of Hugo Boss Deep Red even though it’s not a direct dupe for this I think if you like Deep Red you will love this. It’s my favourite out of the five as I sprayed it in the morning and I could still smell it in the afternoon without any top up.

All these fragrances are amazing value and not only do these new fragrances smell amazing they also contain Aloe Vera and calming chamomile.
They make a great addition to our fragrance collection and the Secret Sass range as well.
Also it’s worth pointing out they are cruelty free as well so what’s not to love.
If you fancy trying out these amazing bargain sprays for yourself, they can easily be picked up from most Poundland stores for £1. Let’s face it who doesn’t love a good Poundland shop, especially at this time of year. They have the original fragrances as well just in case you missed them the first time around.

You can also pick up the original range from Beauty Base which I will leave the link below. These are £1.50 on this website.

They are also available from the range.

I will also leave the link to the brands Instagram page as this will showcase the whole collection for you.

Until next time
Jue X

*Big Thank you to Secret Sass for kindly gifting me these products to try out.

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  1. Hey Jue I can’t believe I’ve not seen these in Poundland. Will keep a look out

  2. These are just like Victoria Secrets