December 02, 2019

Don’t you just love it when you get a new mobile phone. I don’t know about you but for me it’s a big deal. Recently I had a new phone. (I’m saying new, but it’s not new, as in brand new, but it’s new to me!!) and I really wanted to personalise it to my taste. I’m one of those people who have doesn’t think it’s strange to have about 20 different phone cases in my collection and do love to switch them around. It’s a great way to make your phone your own, making it different from one else’s.
This brings me very nicely onto a company who I recently discovered thanks to Instagram. The company is CASE WAREHOUSE and they sell cases for all kinds of IPhones.
The Case Warehouse is a Scottish based company who specialises in phone cases using many state of the art print methods.
The company was founded in 2014 and the staff have a combined 14 years experience in the print industry. The company started with one novelty phone case for a gift. Five years later the company ships over 50,000 cases out worldwide. All the orders are dispatched the very same day, so if you order now it will definitely be in time for Christmas.
The website offer a whole range of designs that you can get either, as a stand alone case or have something, like your name or special wording printed on it.
I love leopard print ( you guys know how much I love cats) so that’s the design I picked but there are lots of designs to choose from their signature prints range.
So when you have chosen your print you can chose what type of phone case you would like. The brand do cases for IPhones from the iPhone 6 to 11. So if you have an iPhone between those numbers you’re all good. As well as that you also get to choose the type of case you would like.
I’m a little clumsy and do drop my phone from time to time so I thought it was best to order the impact case. This is why I love these cases so much because they offer so much choice. Whichever case design you choose you can either choose slim, impact or flip case. How amazing is that!!

Some of the case designs that are available

The impact case isn’t too bulky and feels nice to touch. I love how my phone feels so protected in it without ruining the look of your phone. I haven’t had a chance to see now well it protects my phone yet as I haven’t dropped it ( don’t speak to soon!) but I trust this case so much. If you’re not like me and don’t fancy an impact case you can always order the slim version or if you prefer the option of having your screen protected as well you could always go for the flip case.

Each option is available on all designs and because every case is printed separately you get to have the option of having your name popped on the case I well.
Now I couldn’t let this offer go wasted so I had to have my name put on mine. The print is super quality and very clear. I don’t think it would fade either like cases have done in the past.
The cases come well packed and even have a little sweet treat inclosed in your package. If you saw my little unboxing video on Instagram you might have seen this.

I will leave the link below just in case you fancy having a look at the fab case designs that are available.
The brand do have an offer on at the moment where you can get any two cases for £20 which means you can get one as a present and one for yourself. Just used the code 2FOR20 at checkout.

These make an amazing gift if you are having a new phone or just want to revamp your old one up.
Until next time
Jue X

*Big thank you to Case Warehouse for kindly gifting me this case to try out.
Not a paid post and all the opinions are my own!!!

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