December 16, 2019

So you guys know how much I love skincare. I seem to spend most of my time talking about it and trying out new things.
Today is no exception. I have been kindly Gifted some fab new skincare that I really wanted to share with you guys. 
The brand is Laboratories Filorga Paris and I was lucky enough to be sent across one of their care packages. I’m super excited to try it out as  I’m such a skincare lover, especially new skincare. Just in case you are a skincare lover like me I will leave the links below ( like always)  which will tell you more about the products and where to buy them from.
Firstly a back story. You guys know how much I love a good back story. I like to find out abit about the brands past.
So Filorga was founded in 1978 by Michael Tordjman. Michael was a leading doctor in skin aesthetics. That was over 40 years ago and since then the brand has grown to become one of the leading skin cosmetic brands that specialise in targeted treatments to combat the effects of skin ageing! So you know your skin is in good hands.
I’m a firm believer that you are never too young to start caring for your skin and having a proper skincare routine. I started using anti wrinkle creams as a teenager and feel whatever you age good skincare habits should start early.
So what were the products...
So the brand kindly sent me across four products to try out. All four of the products can be used together as part of a routine or can be used separately to target areas that may need a bit of an extra something.
The first thing you notice about this is the packaging. The beautiful, classy black packaging looks really amazing and you can really tell the products are going to be something special. I know packaging isn’t meant to be important but it kind of gives you a feel of the products inside and this is definitely the case with these products.

So what are the four products and how did I find them.!!
This is a double action exfoliating mask to oxygenate dull complexions to reveal new skin You get 55ml of product in a jar that you gently pump down to release the product.  You gently massage this onto your clean face and the little spheres exfoliate your skin. After the scrub the mask changes into an active mousse.
This reoxygenates your skin. You then leave this on your skin until all the bubbles have disappeared and then it’s time to rinse off. So the results of this are pretty good. The product leaves your pores tightened and your skin feeling refined not to mention smoother.
The mask is suitable for all skin types and after using this just once you can really see a difference.

I love under the eye patches. I tend to suffer with dark circles and bags so I was super excited to try these out. They contains a stimulating active ingredient rich in polysaccharides and vitamin pp to lighten dark circles, an energising peptitides duo to reduce eye bags and a relaxant molecule to reduce eye wrinkles.
The patches are wrapped individually which makes them easier to apply and you leave them on for 15 minutes or so.
After use you eyes feel amazing. I made the mistake of using these at night. I feel you would benefit using these first thing in the morning for optimum benefit before you start your day.
This is a product that targets the preparation of your skin for the products to follow. You get 150ml of the product. It’s a moisturising concentrate that uses water sensors, AQUA-MX technology to provides express and long lasting hydration in just 30 mins. It also contains NCEF which offers a skin booster effect that reveals radiance to dull complexions.
The product can be used in the morning or in the evening before serum or moisturiser. It can be applied on a cotton pad which is the method I used first but I found it easier to use your hands. I find if you use you hands to apply you get more of the product on your hands and not soaked into the cotton pad.

The Filorga global repair serum is a multi action serum that is inspired by aesthetic techniques.It contains 3 super nutrients for revitalising nutrition. It also includes 50 meal ingredients for multi intensive anti ageing correction and 4 cell boosters inspired by aesthetic medicine techniques. The product can be used as a serum for the day or with a night cream in the evening. It is suitable for all skin types and doesn’t contain Parabens or silicones.
I found this product to be pretty amazing. Not only does it smell amazing it soaks into your skin really well. I left it on overnight and the next morning my face was so super smooth. You can really see a difference. The effects are really good as well and I can’t wait to see how with continued use this helps my skin.

Now I’ve only been using these products for a week and already I can see such a difference. I love how these products make my skin feel and I am very keen to see what prolonged use will do for my skin in the future.
The whole range is available from Feel Unique, All Beauty, Debenhams and Marks and Spencer’s in the UK  and I have left the links below to all the products and where to buy the range.

Until next time

Big thank you to Laboratoires Filorga Paris for kindly gifting me these products to try out.
This is not a paid post and all the opinions are my own.

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  1. Seen this on Debenhams online. Sounds good

    1. It’s really good Bea. It’s made me want to buy more from the brand!! Thank you so much for commenting X

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