February 14, 2020

Recently I was kindly GIFTED some fab products from the Phil Smith range. I’ve heard so many good things about the brand and was super excited to try out the range
So who is Phil Smith?
Paul Smith is an award winning, multi salon owner, celebrity hairstylist, with over 20 years industry experience. The Phil Smith Be Gorgeous collection is part of Phil’s essential tool kits and helps you Be Gorgeous everyday. So already we kind of know our hair is in good hands.
So the products I’ve been sent, (except the hairspray) are from the Total Treat range. This is for dry, damaged and frequently styled hair that needs a little bit of nourishment and protection. Sounds like it’s perfect for me then.
Regular readers to my blog might remember the hair disaster of 2016, when I tried to go lighter and my hair ended up resembling an elastic band. It was pretty grim at the time. My sink was full of my hair and even though my hair is ok now i still suffer with dry ends and frizz. My hair definitely needs a little bit of extra strength and maybe a miracle!!
So I was kindly sent four items these were a shampoo, conditioner, Argan oil cream and a Hairspray.
All the packing to these products are packed in bright hot pink packaging. The packaging is super cute and stands out really well. The bottles are a standard size of product and feel study and nice. I’ve been using these products for about a week now and love them so much. I thought it seemed like the ideal time to share with you my views about the products and if you are interested in purchasing the products give you details of where they are available from. The first product I’m going to start with is the shampoo as it would seem wrong to start with any other product.
So how much do I love this shampoo.. very much. Firstly it  smells amazing with its lightly scented Coconut scent. It strengthens protects and hydrates and is perfect to use on damaged frequently styled hair. It contains Moroccan Argan oil to help to repair and protect from heat damage whilst adding shine and silky smoothness. It’s a pleasure to use and lathers up your hair really nicely. I do love a shampoo that lathers up and you get the scent coming though in the lather. I have been using it for over a week now and it certainly helps with my hair.
So this conditioner works hand in hand with the shampoo. Again it’s coconut scented with the very same scent and the ultra rich conditioner is super luxurious for damaged, coloured and stressed out hair.
The product contains Moroccan Argan oil to help repair and protect and it leaves your hair super soft and shiny. I can imagine it working as a lovely overnight treatment for a more intense treatment but working as a regular conditioner it’s amazing.
This was my favourite out of all the products. It’s an oil in cream treatment with an unbelievably silky texture and is for dry coloured damaged hair. This cream treatment will miraculously transform the texture of your hair and trust me your hair feels really good. You only need a tiny amount just in the very ends of your damp hair and style as normal. It improves the texture and restores smoothness and your hair will definitely thank you for it. I found this to be one of those products that makes you want to keep touching your hair. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this.) It helps to reduce frizz and given the price is so much better than more expensive products that I’ve used before.

So the weather has been rubbish here in the UK. Storms have been brewing and if I’m honest even in the calmest of winds my hair ends up looking like a bush. Saying that, this is the perfect time to try out a new hairspray. This hairspray promises natural shine and control and is suitable for all hair types. So pretty much for everyone and it certainly delivers. I suffer with lots of whispy bits of hair especially around my parting at the top of my head. This spray kept these in place even in gale force winds and a snowstorm. ( yes I did say the weather has been bad this week!) The product leaves your hair super shiny with no crispness and if you don’t wash your hair everyday can be brushed out.
It’s also worth pointing out all the products in the range are Cruelty free.
If you fancy picking up these hair products I will leave you the link below. The prices are pretty amazing as well as each of the bottles retail at £4 each which when you consider how much product you are getting and how good the product actually is are a complete bargain.

Before I finish I just want to say a big thank you to Phil Smith hair and Wonderhouse creative for kindly gifting me these products to try out.
All opinions are my own and this is not a paid post.
Until next time
Jue X

Just a few more links to the products. They are on offer in Sainsbury’s at the moment with items priced at £2.50 instead of £4 so you can really grab a bargain. The only product I couldn’t find was the Hold on Hairspray but that is still available from fragrance direct for £1.50.



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  1. buena publicación x

  2. Sounds great. I’m going to pick one up when I’m next in Sainsbury’s!

  3. I’m definitely going in to have a look at the full range in Sainsbury’s as well.
    Thank you so much for commenting X

  4. 素晴らしい投稿!この製品が私の国で利用できるかどうかわからない。

  5. I've not tried any of the Paul Smith haircare in a long time, these products sound really lovely xo

    Makeup Muddle


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