March 08, 2020

So it’s March and Summer is just around the corner and I can’t wait. Regular readers to my blog know I’m a summer person. The thought of being cold and pale makes me wish for summer and even though it can’t come soon enough the weather at the moment in the UK says otherwise. 
While I can’t promise a solution to the weather, help isn’t far away from stopping me from being pale thanks to Norvell tanning.
You know how some people look amazing with pale skin. I’m not one of them. I look ill when I’m pale, which means I have to fake it. 

Norvell is America’s number one professional tanning brand and it’s fast becoming mine as well. It’s the only tanning product when I’ve applied it correctly I get the most compliments about. 

I always enjoy using a tanning mist spray than any other form of tanning product. This micro fine sunless mist is perfect to use at home. It’s super easy to use with no mess. It contains a unique combination of violet and brown tone bronzers and contains V10 which is an anti orange formula. These are designed to mimic the skin colours found on the beaches of the European Rivieras. This innovative formula allows colour to appear deeper, darker with no hint of an orange tone to be seen. 
So how did I find this product.
Before I start I did cheat a little. Norvell recommend that you exfoliate the day before. My pale skin was too pale for me to wait another day for a bit of colour, I know you guys will forgive me when I say I missed that bit out. Of course I did exfoliate but I applied the tan straight after. Cheating I know but I just couldn’t wait!!! 
The product comes in the trademark purple packaging. You get 198g of product which I think is an ample size. 
The the mist is very fine. I have to admit, I was kind of worried it was all going to spray out in one big woosh. It didn’t. It spread really evening and even though I had my tanning mitt to hand found I didn’t really have to use it as much as I thought I would have to. The trick for using this product is to spray it 10-12 inches away from your body. This makes the spray apply more evenly without  the need of you using your tanning mitt. 

The brand also recommend that you apply a light coat onto your makeup sponge for facial application. This for me is an amazing idea. Not only does it really work for applying tan to your face, it also helps you not to breathe in so much of the fumes from the aerosol can. You also have more control on where the product is going. I know I have used spray tan on my face and ended up with it in my hair and ears!! ( so not a good look!!) This really helps to prevent this from happening. 
The tan deepens after 24 hours but I found if you do it in the evening the next morning your tan is as deep as it’s going to get. The brand recommend if you are fairer skinned you do the application twice. This depends on what shade you are in the first place and how dark you want to be. 
The tan really lasts as well. Around 5-7 days. So I find if you tan once a week this is enough to keep those pale winter blues away.

I have included some pictures of the tan on me. I had intended to do before and after pictures but lost the before pictures!!! ( which to be honest perhaps is for the best!!) 
Best of all this amazing product is cruelty free and vegan so what’s not to love.
If you have tried this before I would love to hear what you think. 
I will leave you the link below if you fancy giving this tan a try. It’s not a budget product, but sometimes you need a bit of luxury in your life. ( well I do anyway!!)

If you have lasted till the end Thank you so much for reading and hope you find this useful.
Until next time.
Jue X

*Thank you so much to Alex Silver PR for kindly gifting me this product to try. Not a paid for post and all opinions are my own. 

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