May 30, 2020

How can it be the end of May already? Especially in the current situation we are in, its really hard to believe that time could go so fast when the days aren’t as normal as we are used to. At the moment it’s hard to believe what’s normal anymore. I’m trying to make my blog as positive as possible and what better way than to share with you guys the products that I have been loving as a bit of escapism. 
So after last months favourites post being a success I thought I would bring to you another one. There was a time when I used to do favourites posts all the time but it got to the point where they weren’t popular so I thought you guys might have got bored with them but for the time being they are back.
The blog does contain some gifted items but please believe me when I say that the reason they are my favourites isn’t because of this. They are just good products. This isn’t a paid for or advert post it’s just items that I honestly have enjoyed using. You guys know me by now that if I love a product I love to shout about it from the rooftops. If I love an item (whether it be gifted or bought with my own money) I will always talk about it on here.
This month I have six products to tell you guys about. Most are skincare(no surprise there!) but the first one is haircare. So when Garnier introduced their hair food range I was all over the banana range. I loved the packaging and it smelt too die for. 
Fast forward to actually using it in my hair and the banana scent wasn’t as strong in my hair as I would have liked it to have been. With this in mind I didn’t really try any of the other products in the range until I had the GARNIER ULTIMATE BLENDS SMOOTHING HAIR FOOD COCONUT AND MACADAMIA THREE IN ONE HAIR MASK £3.48 ( on offer from Superdrug) recommended to me.
This product not only smells amazing (you can really smell it in your hair) it is also a great multi use product. You can either use it as a conditioner, hair mask or a leave in conditioner on wet or dry hair. 
My hair isn’t at its greatest. Don’t get me wrong it’s definitely improved from last year but I still have a little bit of breakage and this product really helps me actually get a comb though it. 
The product is 98% natural with no silicones and It’s vegan as well, so what’s not to love. 
I don’t know about you but I love a good face scrub and the Skin Academy ZERO Face Scrub is formulated with vegan ingredients and plant derived preservatives. The scrub doesn’t feel harsh on your skin but your skin really feels clean afterwards. The product is also enriched with Sacha Inchi Oil & Sweet Almond Oil.
As well as leaving your face feeling super clean, this scrub helps to deeply moisturise and hydrate the skin whilst Apricot Seeds help remove dead skin cells and help leave skin nourished & softened. This product is suitable for all skin types and is ideal to use first thing in a morning as and when it’s needed.
So another one of my go to products that I have religiously used from the moment I received it is the PIXI RETINOL EYE CREAM £22. 
I have talked about Retinol products before and how I love their anti ageing benefits. 
This product is amazing.
It contains time release Retinol to smooth and refine, which I find is always good around my eye area. It also contains Caffeine and peptides to firm and revitalise. 
Since using this my eye area has definitely improved and I would definitely repurchase in a heartbeat.

So I don’t know about you but at this time of year my feet aren’t at their best. Even though I don’t really show my feet in public I still like to keep them super smooth for my own benefit.
This product is super absorbent and keeps your feet soft all day. Not only does it contain raw coconut oil,cocoa butter and Macadamia oil it also deeply moisturises and soothes dry feet and heels.
It’s perfect for pampered baby soft feet everyday. I love this product so much. I’m ever hopeful if I use this on a day to day basis I might not need the foot peeling socks again but who knows!
If like me you have really dry hands you definitely need this product in your life. The hand cream can be used as and when is needed for hands as well as nails. 
As well as the Bio Active Rooibos this product contains Chamomile and Vitamin E. It soaks into your hands really well without being sticky and hands feel super soft after use.
Best of all the brand have kindly donated 200 of these to the NHS Ambulance Service at such an important time. As well as this kindness for every Hand and Nail cream that was sold in April the brand donated another one to the NHS.
You know when you have a favourite beauty product and you really want it to last so long you leave the product to one side for special occasions. That might be just me here but this is one of those products. 
A while ago ( I think it was last year) I was kindly gifted some fragrances from SECRET SASS and the WANDERLUST WONDERFUL WOMAN one was my favourite scent. 
I was leaving this one to use till last as it was my favourite and since using all the other ones I’ve started using this one and have fallen in love with it all over again.
This I would describe as an evening scent. It’s really heavy, but in a good way not a bad one. I would say the fragrance could easily be a full on perfume not just a body spray. It’s a real steal if you could pick it up for £1. It’s definitely the one that lasted on me the longest and it does kind of remind me of Hugo Boss Deep Red even though it’s not a direct dupe for this I think if you like Deep Red you will love this. It’s my favourite out of the five as I sprayed it in the morning and I could still smell it in the afternoon without any top up. Like I’ve said these scents are only £1 from Poundland so whichever one is your favourite they are cheap enough to buy them all. As with the current situation I haven’t been able to go to a Poundland for months now but as soon as the dark times are lifted I will be back there stocking up.

If you have tried any of these products I would love to here your thoughts on them and if you have a favourite product you think I would like please feel free to comment down below so I can maybe try it out.

Until next time and stay safe
Jue X

*This post does contain gifted items so a big thank you to the brands for kindly gifting me these to try out! 

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  1. I remember reading the secret sass post a while back and actually bought some because of it. x

    1. Secret Sass is such a great brand. Thank you so much for commenting X

  2. I look forward to these posts each month now.

    1. Aww thank you and thank you so much for commenting X