June 19, 2020

So I’m back again with yet another skincare post. As part of my self care posts I’ve been talking a lot about all kinds of brands and the products I’ve been loving. 
Over the last few weeks I’ve been trying a skincare brand called Typology. 
The brand is well established in France but have recently launched their amazing products in the UK from May this year.
The brand kindly gifted me some of their exciting products for me to try out a few weeks ago and I really wanted to share with you what’s available and if I would recommend the products.
The Typology brand was founded by Ning Li and contains seven vegan, cruelty free ranges that help to find you the right products for all your beauty needs. 
The formulas are simple and the brand always know where the ingredients to the products have come and each product contains no more 10 ingredients.
So what are the Seven ranges? 
  • Raw: Single-ingredient formulas that can be used alone or in conjunction with other products
  • Lab: Highly concentrated and effective serums and actives, including a 3% hyaluronic acid
  • Ten: Minimialist everyday essentials such as moisturiser, hand balm, shampoo and conditioner, each containing 10 ingredients or less
  • Woman: A series of four serums formulated specifically to response to hormonal changes throughout the month
  • Saf: Solid cleansing bars, each targeted to specific skin concerns such as oiliness or dryness
  • Primaire: Natural eau de parfums made using essential oils, designed to be worn alone or combined to make your own fragrance
  • Tone: A selection of three tonics consisting of niacinamide, glycolic and salicylic avid.
Using the Manifesto “Typology was born from a mission: to demystify the care industry. We design and produce healthy and effective products in France, at a fair price”.
It’s easy to see how the brand has become so popular in France.
With popular routines and serums whatever your skincare type or skincare problem the brand has the right skincare for you. 

So onto the products....
The thing that draws me to the product is the packaging. It’s so beautifully simple. Each product is either packed with glass ( for the small products) or recyclable plastic.( for the larger items so they aren’t too heavy). The tubes are all made of aluminium as this can be recycled. The packaging to all the products are flat this means smaller packages and a lower carbon footprint. 

TEN - 2001
7-Ingredient Micellar Water 
So I’m such a big fan of a micellar water and this one doesn’t disappoint.
It’s been developed using only the most essential ingredients with no additives.
In fact this product only contains 7.
Purified water that serves as a solvent for mixing the other ingredients. It has been purified to remove all traces of bacteria and grime from your makeup ( even waterproof mascara.)

Glycerin which is derived from rapeseed and sunflower, it moisturizes the superficial layers of the skin. 

Poloxamer 184 which is a surfactant that removes make-up particles from the entire face leaving it super clean. 

Pentylene glycol which is derived from cane sugar, stabilizes the formula and moisturizes the skin so the product won’t dry out your skin. 

Citric acid which is derived from corn, regulates the pH of the micellar water so as not to irritate the epidermis.

Sodium hydroxide that will avoid any risk of irritation or burns, a cosmetic product must have a pH close to that of the skin. The soda used here makes the micellar water less acidic and therefore better tolerated by the skin causing less skin irritations. 

Cetrimonium bromide which is a preservative that blocks the proliferation of bacteria in the water, thus preventing the risk of skin infections.
The product itself removes every trace of your makeup leaving your skin super clean and smooth. It even removes eye makeup including waterproof mascara without stinging. 
It’s suitable for all skin types so it’s a one for all skin type product. 

RAW - 1017 

So you guys know by now how much I love a multi use product and this one happens to just be one of those. This 100% organic pure product can be used on skin or hair. For the skin it regulates sebum production and softens the skin and Ideal for combination or oily skin. It uses hazelnut botanical oil to heal and repair to encourage an all-around healthier complexion and for hair it’s known to nourish hair and your scalp.
I found this really suited my combination skin and I found it an excellent addition to my evening skincare routine. I preferred it as a skincare product to a hair care product and found it really suited my skin. 

RAW - 3012 
First of all how beautiful does this smell. The ingredients are 100% pure and source from organic farming. Purifies the skin and relieves inflammation
Peppermint hydrolate, or peppermint floral water, has multiple actions. It's suitable for combination and oily skin and is gentle enough for sensitive skin. The product helps to purify the skin and relieves inflammations. This product is perfect to use as part of your evening routine but I found it worked better of me in the morning with it being so refreshing.


This hydrating, fragrance free moisturiser is like the title says made of 9 ingredients. It's ideal to nourish thirsty skin that needs that extra little bit of something. It sinks in so quickly and feels nice and lightweight. It can be used under your makeup without being greasy which I find some moisturisers can’t be.

LAB - 1012

If like me you suffer from Fine Lines & Wrinkles especially around your eyes this might just be the product for you. It contains an impressive 0.3% of Retinol which is enough to tighten your skin and plump out wrinkles. Again the product comes in a little glass bottle with a pipette. I would say you need a couple of drops for your whole face or if like me you just use it around your eyes and on your forehead one pipette is enough. It’s recommended you introduce this product every other day or so to begin with building up to everyday.


I do love a product that contains Hyaluronic Acid and this one contains 3%.
The bottle is super cute and comes complete with a little pipette to give you just the right amount of product for your face. (I did find that you might need two pipettes for your whole face). I found it soaks in after around 5 minutes and I found it made an excellent addition to my evening routine.


Regular readers to my blog will know how much I am a fan of anything that contains Glycolic Acid. I find it really suits my skin and is great at exfoliating reducing blemishes, and an uneven complexion like my pigmentation.
This product again comes in a little bottle with a pipette to release just the right amount of product. You get a generous 10% of Glycolic Acid which is impressive as most of the products I use have no more than 5% so this makes me so happy. 

I am a big user of products that contain Vitamin C. I find it really makes your skin glow. This one contains a generous 11% and again comes in a cute glass bottle with the ever useful pipette.
It really made my skin glow and I can imagine it being amazing in the winter months when my skin can look a little bit dull.


So onto the last item which is the Exfoliating Cleansing bar. This product uses natural extracts to provide exfoliation.
It’s super gentle to use and provides a nice lather to your skin.
It also makes your skin feel super clean and refreshed and is safe to use on all skin types. 

I have a combination skin type and worry about fine lines so these products are aimed at those types of skin types and needs. 

I have left the links to all the products below the items and will leave a link to the full website just in case you fancy a little look at all the products whatever your skin type. 

You can also buy the full normal to combination skin routine pack which includes products from this post which I will leave the link to below as well. 

I will be back at the end of the month with my June favourites. As these seem to be quite popular. I might even include a makeup item into the mix.

Until next time.
Stay safe.
Jue X 

*Big thank you to Typology for kindly gifting me these product to try out.

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