July 20, 2020


If you have been following me for a while you will know my love for phone cases.
I am one of these people who doesn’t think it’s weird to have about 20 different cases knocking around the house. You know for special occasions like Holidays, Christmas, Summer or Winter. Now I know I’m probably not the only one. (Please tell me I’m not here!)
I talk about them all the time and when I used to do my “Outfit of the day” posts I used to get the odd message, asking me NOT where my outfits were from but where my phone cases were from.
This brings me onto LOVECASES
So who are  LOVECASES
LOVECASES  are a UK based phone accessories brand that was launched in 2018. 
All the cases are printed with love and packed right in the heart of the UK in Birmingham (Not too far away from me!) and the company believe that your best accessory should reflect you. With the brand motto being “Work Hard, Accessorise harder & Be Kind” it easy to see why I love them so much and really wanted to share the brand with you guys. 

LOVECASESoffer affordable phone cases for niche phone models such as Samsung, Huawei, iPhone, Google and Oneplus. With over 50 phone models in stock the brand should have your phone model covered. 
The company ship to over 80 countries and are available to buy through leading distributor Mobilefun & Amazon.
So the brand recently kindly gifted me £20 to spend on their website. Now I have to admit this is not a very hard task at all!!! With so many different cases to choose from I could have spent way more. 
Most of the cases I liked were £8 each on offer for 3 for 2 which is such a good deal. This means you could have three cases for £16. ( I know a complete bargain!!) but me being me wanted a personalised one. I’m a bit of a sucker for anything with my name on. These were a little bit more at £12 each. For me this is such great value for money as they can put your initials or special letters onto your case that makes it personal to you or for someone you love. 
Most of the cases that I liked were transparent. They are made of soft flexible TPU shell. They are very lightweight, have access to all ports and are the perfect fit to your phone. Most of the patterns have matching phone loops as well which look really good on your phone especially the larger phone models. 
The cases are also scratch proof which is important as of course even the cases need protecting from people like me who just  throw their phone into their handbag without a care in the world. 
The packaging to these cases are so cute. They come in little Lovecases bags. I love the packaging so much and if you were giving them as a gift they would look super cute.
So onto the cases...
This will come as no surprise for anyone who knows me, I had to choose a leopard print one. This one is the colourful leopard print with my initials on. This one was £12 but you could opt for the same case without your initials for £8 and on the 3 for 2 offer. I went for this one as unlike other leopard prints this one is colourful and not your average leopard print design.
The second choice I went for was the tropical banana leaf. This case doesn’t have any special writing on but I thought it was amazing for the summer months. I used to have one of these types of cases years ago on an older phone and really wanted a similar design again. I love it so much and it’s so summery it’s just perfect for now. 
My phone is purple and I thought the patterns went really well but I did borrow a black phone just to show you how the cases I received look on that shade of phone as well.

At the time of me publishing this post the 3 for 2 offer is still available on the tropical banana leaf case and the coloured leopard print without initials. 

And it’s not just phone cases that are available from the brand you can also purchase phone accessories, stationary and the brand also give you the chance to have a matching wallpaper for your phone screen completely free of charge.

I will leave all the links below to the cases I have just in case (pardon the pun) you fancy picking one up for yourself.

Don’t forget to use my 10% off code JUE10 at the checkout. This is not an affiliate code I just get the inner happiness of knowing that I’ve saved you some money at checkout. 
Until next time
Jue X 


*Big thank you to LoveCases for kindly gifting me these cases to try out.
*Gifted post but not an affiliate code. 

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