August 20, 2020


So my hair has really been spoilt this week all thanks to a couple of exciting hair products from Hask.

I don’t know if your remember my hair disaster of 2018. Basically I tried to lighten my hair from blue black and bits started falling out and breaking off. After a lot of love at the time it’s back to normal. (whatever normal is for me!) I do however notice I do have a lot of hair in my hairbrush and in the plug hole when I wash it! This could be the fact I do still dye it dark (I’m naturally light brown/grey now!) and because it looks ok (ish) condition wise I tend not to spoil my hair the way that I used to in 2018. So my forgotten hair is probably in need of some TLC right about now. So before I start, let me tell you a bit about HASK in case you have never heard about the brand! 

Hask was first introduced in Europe in 2012. You probably won’t be surprised to know it was a great success that within the last four years or so it had expanded worldwide.

The range appeals to all hair types and ethnicities using high quality ingredients and salon quality results at an affordable price, Which is kind of what I like in a product and so do the Hollywood elite as HASK is the Number One most used haircare brand on Film and TV sets in Hollywood? 

So the products I want to talk to you today are from the brands Keratin Protein range and include the Keratin Protein Smoothing Shine Oil and Keratin Protein Smoothing Deep Conditioner. Both the products sound like a real hair treat and the kind of products that we really need in our lives. 

HASK Keratin Protein Smoothing Shine Hair Oil 18ml £2.49

So first let me share with you my love for the HASK Keratin Protein Smoothing Shine Oil. Firstly the packaging is small and lightweight. At first I thought it was a single use product but even though it’s small don’t let that fool you. It’s perfect for on the go and would make an ideal product to take on your travels especially in summer when hair can get frazzled.

I love how lightweight my hair feels whilst using this product. A while back I would have freaked out by the thought of putting oil on my hair but this oil instantly absorbs and provides a beautiful shine with not a bit of oil to be seen. 

The oil contains Keratin which is particularly good on dry damaged hair that’s been damaged by the sun, heat, styling or chemicals and can be used on wet or dry hair.

I have to admit I do prefer to use it on wet hair before using my hairdryer. But on dry hair I find it’s also very good at taming those fine little whispy hairs on the top of my head as well as leaving your hair looking healthy and shiny.

Best of all I found that a little of this product goes a really long way and you only need the tiniest of amounts. It leaves no residue on your hands either making it super easy to apply and not one little bit oily. 

HASK Keratin Protein Smoothing Deep Conditioner 50ml. £2.49 

This little 50ml treatment is a real treat for your hair. Again it contains Keratin Protein that helps to repair damaged hair. The special ingredient helps to repair damage, reduce breakage and reduce static and drying time. 

The sachet contains 50ml of product and I would say you could get approximately 2 uses out of it on shoulder length hair.

The product is meant to be left on hair for 10 mins which I would say is about right. I think if the product is left on for longer it might make your hair too soft if that makes sense.

It’s super creamy and smells really good so you really feel like you are spoiling your hair. It’s great for the frizzy bits of your hair and I can imagine it works really well on curly hair as well because my hair felt super smooth,soft and frizz free after just one application.

In the last week or so I’ve also noticed that I haven’t had so much fall out to my hair. I’m definitely putting it down to this deep conditioner as my hair seems easier to brush. 

Both of the products smell amazing. In fact I have never tried a HASK product yet that I didn’t like the scent of. I would say it was a fruity fragrance maybe citrusy, but the scent lasts a long time in your hair. Both products do leave your hair feeling super swishy with a beautiful shine and no frizz.

Both the products are super affordable as well and I can honestly say I’ve spent more money in the past on hair products that haven’t worked as well as these products have. 

The products are free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, drying alcohol and artificial colours which is always good to know. 

If this has intrigued you to want to know more about HASK I will also leave you a link to the whole of the HASK Website so you can have a look at whats available.


I will also leave you the link to my previous Hask post all about the Argan Oil products just in case you fancy giving them a try out as well.



All the products are available to buy in the UK from Superdrug, Boots, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose just in case you fancied trying out these products for yourselves.

Until next time

Jue X 

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