October 20, 2020

Partially gifted-/Its all about the eyes!

 Don’t you just live discovering new makeup. It’s even better when it’s super affordable and easy to get hold of, like in your home town. 

That’s how I felt when is discovered Body Collection England.

So let me set the scene. I needed to go into my local Wilkinson’s store. I haven’t been in there for a while ( because of the pandemic) and my cats needed food on my way home from work.

I didn’t have to queue as it was really quiet and as I walked in I discovered that the store had new makeup stands. This in itself was super exciting. It was the Body Collection England stand that really caught my eye and it was a little brow palette I initially picked up for £1.50. This turned out to be one of the best £1.50s I’ve ever spent. To cut a long story short I was so impressed and went back to buy a mascara as well (that was £2.50!!) and when the brand kindly gifted me some more products to try out I really wanted to share with you my new found love for such an amazing new low cost brand!! 

Body Collection England aim to deliver products to compliment your natural beauty. It’s vegan friendly and cruelty free and prides itself in quality products at an affordable price. 

Because I have quite a few products to share with you guys I thought I would write a few posts to save my post  being long and rambling ( that hasn’t worked out so well so far!!) so each post will be separated into Eyes, Face, Lips etc.

I’m going to start off today with the eyes as these were the first products I actually bought so this post is only partially gifted.

So I’m going to start with the first item I touched upon earlier and it’s the brow palette.

This is probably the nicest little brow kit that I own. I bought it in the shade Blonde. Even though I’m no where near a blonde the shade is quite dark and would probably be a little bit too dark for fairer eyebrows but for me it’s amazing. It lasts all day and the cream side fills in gaps of your eyebrows and is perfect to shape. Where as the powder sets the cream off perfectly. The kit also comes with a little brush making it a great little kit to carry around with you. 

So let’s talk eyeliners and the ones I’ve got are a pencil and a pen. The eyeliners are very really great value as well. I love liquid liner but always find I do love a pencil in my waterline. I did actually buy the pencil myself for £1.50 and the eyeliner pen was gifted and I believe retails at £2 each.

The pencil is mechanical so no need to sharpen. (Making it great to carry around in your bag) It’s perfect for the waterline and is soft. I’m not sure how it would work for eyelids as I used the eyeliner pen for a liner flick. I found it easy to use and super long lasting and great value for money. Kohl pencils are available so if you’re more of a fan of them they are available and I might go back to pick one up at a later date. 

I love a good mascara and I really want to talk to you about a couple from the brand today. First of all can we appreciate that you can pick up both of these mascaras for £2.50 each. How good is that!!  Now I don’t know about you but I think that’s so good for a mascara that’s long lasting and doesn’t smudge. 

The waterproof mascara comes with a smaller brush which is super easy to use and gets to all those hard to reach little lashes, especially those on your lower lash. I especially love the waterdrop detail on the packaging. I’m not sure how waterproof this product would be as I haven’t been swimming or got caught in any rainstorms but it didn’t smudge in my everyday life so I’m sure it would be completely waterproof. It’s easy to remove as well, so no scrubbing of your eyes trying to remove it. 

So onto the other mascara which I did buy myself. It’s a full volume mascara and it’s £2.50. It’s such a good product and really added length to my lashes as well as volume. I found it worked better a few days after it had been opened. I know a few mascaras that work better after they have been opened and this is one of them. It doesn’t smudge and lasts all day, so another little beauty bargain. 

Another Palette that has a very Autumnal feel is the Natural Beauty palette.

This palette cost £4! (How good is that!!!) It has 15 shades in total. 8 being matte shades and 7 more shimmery shades.

None have names but I love all the shades on the bottom row the best and found all of them very wearable. In fact I think you would easily use all the shades in the palette without wasting any when you hit pan with your favourites.

If you are as excited as me to find out about this great little budget beauty brand, all the products are available in your local Wilkinson’s store.

If you would rather order from the comfort of your own home I will leave you the link below.

If you have tried any of the products from the range I would love to know which ones you loved the most.

My next post about Body Collection England will be all about the face products so if you are looking for a new foundation for £4 I may have the very product for you!!!! 

Until next time

Jue X

*Big thank you to Body Collection England for kindly gifting me some products to try out! 

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  1. I’ve seen this on the Wilko website and wondered if it was any good.