June 04, 2021

Gifted to review
 I've been wanting to try dermaplaning for a long time. It’s something that I have been researching but wasn’t brave enough to try.  I was always too afraid I would do it incorrectly and I end up with no eyebrows. 

 After kindly being gifted the WING IT  Cosmetic's Dermaplaning kit I thought it was the perfect push I needed to get rid of all that peach fuzz/ baby hairs on my face that I had been noticing but had chose to ignore and start looking after myself a little bit. 
So what is Dermaplaning and why do we need to do it?

Dermaplaning is a way of gently ‘shaving’ your face with a single bladed razor to remove the peach fuzz and dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin. Now I know that the word ‘shaving’ sounds really scary. But its not shaving in the traditional sense and you certainly won’t end up with a full beard the next morning. Its more like an intense exfoliation and gentle hair removal all rolled into one. The whole process is painless and the results are so worth it!
So if you have decided to take the plunge yourselves the WING IT  TAKE IT OFF - DERMAPLANING (PEACH FUZZ REMOVAL) DUO STARTER Kit is really going to help you. In fact it’s the perfect kit for beginners like myself.  The kit is a Spa Grade Skin Care Technology kit that you can use in the comfort of your very own home and contains everything that you need to get started either as a beginner or a frequent user. 
So what’s in the kit? 
The kit comes with two WING IT  Take It Off Dermaplaning razors in different sizes together with a full size 30ml hydrating 100% pure squalene oil. The two premium stainless steel blades are very light weight and easy to use and are made from 100% recycled materials. I love the fact that you get both a small and large blade. 
The large blade

The shorter blade 
The small shorter one is perfect for eyebrows and the brow line and the larger one is for your sideburns, upper lip, chin and neck. Both the blades come in a beautiful pale pink colour and packed neatly in a little box as well as the blades you also get a full sized 30ml Squalene oil. 
This should be used with or after dermaplaning and will re-hydrate and plump the skin, restoring it’s daily radiance after use. 
I have a lot of baby hairs on my face and do have used a lot of facial hair bleach in the past. So I found the blades were extremely efficient at removing these unwanted hairs with ease. I got the hang of it quickly and if you start off slow and steady you are able to use this kit with confidence. I'm also so happy I can now shape my brows with more ease. 

If you get stuck, the website also includes a short video which I found so helpful. This as well as the step by step instructions leaflet that came inside the kit gave very clear and straightforward instructions (which I will include below) and as a first time Dermaplaning it was very helpful. 
After removing the hairs and dead skin with the blade and dusting it off with a cotton pad (as per the instructions), I used a bit of their 100% pure squalene oil to finish off. Now my skin doesn't do too well with oil, so I used a tiny amount and this was more than enough to hydrate my skin. A little of the Squalene oil does go a very long way. 

To be honest I was shocked by how much dirt, hair and dead skin cells came off my face. This is from someone who double cleanses twice a day. I would include a picture but it’s a little bit embarrassing and you guys don’t want to see my hair, skin and dirt. This said it is very satisfying to know your face is as clean and smooth as it can be. 
Not only is my face now fuzz free it’s definitely improves the way I apply my makeup. 
My makeup now blends into my face a lot better which is one of the reasons that I really wanted to try out the kit in the first place. So I know you all want to know after a few weeks how’s does the hair grow back. This was the thing that probably scared me the most thinking that I was going to end up with a full beard. This I am pleased to tell you isn’t the case. The hairs grow back very subtly and you can really keep on top of this by just repeating the process every couple of weeks or so. It’s definitely made my skin looked so much smoother and brighter and if you fancy giving Dermaplaning a go I would definitely recommend this kit from Wing It Cosmetics. It’s perfect for beginners like me and guides you with step by step instructions.  I will leave you the link below just in case you fancy giving WING IT  Dermaplaning a try.
If you do, I would love to hear from you about how you get on! 
Until next time 
Jue X

Big thank you to Rajdeep from WING IT  Cosmetics for kindly gifting this kit to try out for review. Not a paid post and all opinions are my own! 

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  1. You make it sound so easy. Would love to give it a go.