The Glow by So...? Intense Shimmer Spray

August 20, 2022


Who doesn’t love a bit of a sparkle……? If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful PR box full of all things golden. 
If you didn’t see it. I was kindly sent over a beautiful box containing (along side other treats)some new launches from the brand So…?  I do appreciate a little bit of golden sparkle (especially in the form of body mists) so this box was just my cup of tea! 

So.. Inside the box contained the NEW Intense Shimmer Sprays from So…? 
You probably already know my love for the brand as these are the sprays that I use all the time on a day to day basis. They are a great, affordable way to just pop a fragrance in your bag as a top up to smell fresh throughout the day.
These ones are a little bit different. They are a sort of two for one product. (You guys know how much I enjoy a multi purpose product!!) 
Not only do you enjoy the scent but the sprays actually contain a shimmer!!! 
The shimmer is a great way to highlight your shoulders and décolletage with the lightly fragranced illuminating mist. This looks great with a summer glow or spray on legs and arms for a golden hour glow any time of day. The sprays are in three shades to suit all skin tones, each with the ability to dial up or dial down intensity by misting closer or further away from the skin. 
All 3 of these intense shimmer sprays are lightly fragranced and illuminating for an amazing golden glow at any time of the day and can last up to six hours. 

You get to pick from;
Prosecco Pearl,
Champagne Blush,
Glow Getter. 
This is what So…? say they smell like and I’ve included my swatches of the product. These have just been done on my arm from about a 30cm distance. 
So if your looking for a rose quartz sheen? Then try Prosecco Pearl, which can be applied subtly for skin straight out of an oyster shell or more intensely for a frosted blush effect. Prosecco Pearl is a sweet lover's fantasy with top notes of red cherry and apple mixed with a heart of sugared rose petals and fizzy candy with a honey 
Prosecco Pearl Swatch 

Prefer something a little richer? A strong spray of Glow Getter deposits a 24k radiance that
the ancient Egyptians would applaud, while a gentle mist instantly increases your skin's net worth. Glow Getter is as powerful as it's golden sparkle. Just imagine a mouth-watering combination of chocolate, peach, jasmine, and vanilla.
 Glow Getter Swatch
Champagne Blush shimmers somewhere been an autumn sunset and your priced bottle of Whispering Angel. Like its namesake, Champagne Blush is as light and fruity as you'd expect thanks to notes of rhubarb, pineapple and an alluring base of jasmine and lily.  
Champagne Blush Swatch
There is nothing not to like about these fragrances. They not only add a beautiful sheen to your body which looks great in the summertime and I can imagine them being perfect for Christmas (yes I sad it!!) parties when let’s face it we all love a bit of a sparkle. 
I would say they work best applying further away from your body as the close up shimmer is very intense. The shimmer lasts until your next shower and doesn’t rub off on clothing or bedding. 
The Glow by So...? Intense Shimmer Spray range are vegan, cruelty-free. They come with fully recyclable packing and gives 650-1000 sprays per bottle so great value for money. 

Link to my previous post CLICK HERE and to buy these sprays CLICK HERE TO BUY! Available exclusively at £7.99 (100ml)
Until next time 
Jue X 
Big thank you to EssencePR and So…? For kindly gifting these items to me. 
*Gifted items but you guys know I would buy them anyway!

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