September 21, 2022

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Disposable razors might be super easy to use but if you’re anything like me, I always feel so guilty about using them. With 5.5 million people in the UK using disposable razors that means an awful lot of razors ending up in our landfills every week. With small changes making a big difference this got me thinking about a more sustainable way of shaving. So when I heard about the brand new Candy range from this award-winning cruelty- free certified brand FFS Beauty  I was keen to find out more about this sustainable company! 
So who are the brand and what do they have to offer? 
FFS BEAUTY is a monthly razor subscription box of razor heads and other beauty products that you require with very little waste.
FFS beauty give you the opportunity subscribe to their razor subscription service for just £4.95, then  pay £9.95 after this. 
The first trail box will include; 
• Premium Metal Handle in a super cute candy colours 
• 2 Premium Smooth Glide blades
• Lubricating Vitamin E strip
• Styling bikini blade built in
• Handy Shower Holder

After this you will receive 4x blades per month or more this is completely up to you . There is also the chance to add the brands shave scrub, cream and balm to your monthly subscription. The choice is yours. 
The brand new candy range comes in 3 amazing new colours.
MARSHMALLOW which is a pretty pastel pink, soft and feminine for the ultimate girl’s girl. 
COOKIE which is a cool vanilla cream, for those that like to keep it cool and understand. It’s a stylish match for any bathroom. And last but not least 
BUBBLEGUM which is a bold and dreamy sky blue, for the fun and frivolous dreamers that can’t resist a pop of colour.  


Whichever cute colour you go for you get the same amazing service that is fully flexible. 

The razor head itself gives you a super close shave and feels so comfortable to use. It doesn’t leave you with any cuts or nicks or bumpy patches just lovely smooth skin. The whole system is a pleasure to use and uncomfortable shaving is a thing of the past! 
Best of all, all the products are vegan friendly and offer a blade recycling scheme for free! Meaning no more waste. The new Candy range offer super cute brand new colours that are not only an excellent form of hair removal but also look super cute in your bathroom. 
It’s not all about shaving as well. Other products are available. These include sun less tanning products which I have to admit sound amazing. 
I will leave the links to all the products in this post. 

And don’t just take my word for itFFS Beauty were the Winner of the Best New Hair Removal Product in the Pure Beauty Awards in 2019 and was on the beauty shortlist for 2021 amongst many other awards. 
Until next time
Jue X

“It’s our ethos that beauty should be effortless, so we’re here to make those routines a whole lot easier through a subscription service delivering quality products.” – FFS Beauty

*Big thank you to FFS Beauty for kindly gifting me these products to try out.

*Not paid post and all opinions are my own.

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