Recently I was contacted by Glamour magazine and was sent a sample of the new CHANEL GABRIELLE FRAGRANCE to sample.
The fragrance is beautiful but not cheap but if you’re looking for a luxury gift idea or have any spare cash it’s definitely worth a splurge.
I have never used anything from the DERMALOGICA brand this this DAILY SUPERFOLIANT from the brand is an exfoliating product like you have never tried before. It’s just like black grains of sand you add water to and it really gives gives you a real deep clean like no other product you have ever tried before. It’s pricey but good! 

LANCĂ”ME is another one of those brands I don’t really use and should. This GENIFIQUE YOUTH ACTIVATING SERUM is amazing and if I won the lottery I would bath in this.

If you fancy trying any of these products I’ve left the links with the best prices I can find for the products. 
Loving Glamour magazine as much as I do i am honoured to be a member of the Beauty club and I can’t wait to keep trying all these luxury products. 
Jue X