By Jue Douglas 


Hey you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by. It’s been ages since I did a whats in my handbag blog post and as I recently had a new bag ( which is a lot smaller than my last one) I thought I would do an updated version.

My latest bag is from Topshop and is possibly the most I’ve ever paid for a bag £29! You guys know how much I love leopard print or in fact anything to do with cats so it had to be bought.
The contents are pretty much the same, what with all my bits and bobs but it’s the bag I really wanted to show you. I do love a small bag and this one is a tiny bit bigger than what I’m used to. It holds everything I need and I can even fit my umbrella in there if I need it.
So to what I carry around with me. Everyone needs a phone and purse so that goes without saying. Older readers to my blog will remember my purse was an EBay Cath Kidston bargain so I didn’t pay a lot for it. The phone case is Skinny Dip and was also from EBay as well ( a pattern is forming here!!) The perfume I am using is a Kate Moss one which was from B&M.

I’ve left my previous post below just in case you fancy a read of my previous bag post!

First of all you know that thing when you buy something off ebay and you get it for 99p on bids and you go around feeling really smug you got it so cheap when are still in the stores now and they have been featured in Glamour Magazine. Well that was me except the smugness is officially over as the eBay one broke just out of the blue and I was gutted. To cut a long story short I had to go into Primark and buy another one.
So this is my repurchase of this bag and it was £7. It’s in a beautiful mustard shade which is ideal for this time of year. It’s got a real 70s vibe to it as well ( not in an old sofa way, in a retro cool way) ( well if it’s in Glamour magazine it must be good, right? ) It’s one of those bags that I feel not cool enough to be carrying around and I’ve probably ruined the coolness of this bag just from me being seen carrying it around as I’m not some cool model  but I just love it so much!
The bag itself is very small so I have had to cut down a lot of what Ive been carrying around. Anyone who knows me will know this has been very difficult for me as I do carry a lot. Hence why the first one broke as I think I overfilled it. so I’m not joking when I say I’ve had to cut down a lot ( and I mean a lot). For the second time now...
My make up for a start.
17 BROW PENCIL £2.89.. this is my very favourite eyebrow pencil. It’s ideal for touch ups during the day and because it’s been used so much it’s quite small, it’s perfect for a small handbag.
PRIMARK LIQUID EYELINER £1.. at £1 this is perfect for handbags not that I do have to touch up eyeliner very often but it’s always handy to have one in my bag just in case I have an emotional moment.
SLEEK MATTE ME LIP £4.99.. This is perfect for handbags for touch ups. I do swap and change lip products in my bag but this is the one I’m using this week.
BOURJOIS HEALTHY BALANCE PRESSED POWDER £8.99.. This isn’t really the Pressed Powder that I normally used, but it’s the smallest compact I could find. It’s really nice Powder and the compact is really small.
PRIMARK AMBER NOIR 30ml FRAGRANCE £3. Now I love these Primark fragrances and have about 4 now. They are very long lasting so ideal to carry around for topping up as the day goes on.

The purse I’m using at the moment is a CATH KIDSTON Coin Purse. I do love myself abit of Cath. The purse is from EBay and only cost me around £4. I also have a little card holder. I love this one it’s from PRIMARK and costs me £2. I love the metallic trim and the bow that makes it a little bit different. My keys are on my cute little heart shaped Keyring that was £4 which I love so much and no Keyring would be complete without a furry Pom Pom and I do have lots to choose from.
My phone that I’m using is an IPhone 6S Plus and I love the Case I’ve got on at the moment. It’s a really cute transparent Daisy pattern on. It was 99p off EBay but they do simular ones from Skinny Dip for £14. But I didn’t really want to pay that much for a case so I’m happy with my eBay one. My phone might not be the latest model but it does the job and I love it.
This is my only downfall about not having a big bag especially as it’s always raining in the UK. I do however have a big coat pocket.
I hope you have enjoyed my little “whats in my bag” post.
What do you carry around with you that you can’t live without?
Love Jue X

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