March 07, 2017

Today on the blog let's talk about body mists.
Well us girls like to smell good and body sprays are great to throw in your handbag when on the go when you don't want to use your favourite perfume.

While they don't have the long lasting factor of a perfume they are great to have to freshen up.
Some last longer than others so I'm going to list you on the blog some of my favourites.
The most expensive one I want to talk about is the Hawaiian Tropic Golden Paradise at £10 at Superdrug a bottle.. yes it's expensive but it's so worth it. I call it holiday in a bottle and is strong enough to use as a stand alone fragrance and smells of coconut.

The next one is also from my favourite drugstore in the UK Superdrug, it's from the Zoella range. Zoella has done four fragrances and the "Sweet Inspirations" fragrance is the best and the one with the most staying power out of the four. At £8 it's a more pricer one but it could be worn as a stand alone fragrance so well worth the money.
The Layering Lab is new to Superdrug and it gives you the opportunity to mix two of the fragrances to make another one of your choice. I love the one called Gourmand. It contains the notes of Vanilla cassis and berries. I wear it as a stand alone fragrance and tend to not mix it because I love it on it's own. At £2.99 it's a better priced product.

The Soap and Glory body spray range is very popular and there are four in the range. My favourite one is the Original Pink. They do last and at £3.99 for a small bottle it's worth grabbing a bottle from your local stockist.
For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a Jack Wills body spray gift set of three bottles. I have used the other two bottles but I have saved the best till last. My favourite body spray by the brand is called Hope Cove. It doesn't have much staying power but it does smell nice for a short while. I'm unsure about the price but I do know they are for sale on EBay if you wish to try it.
Last but not least and it's a goodie. At only 59p from Aldi it's a must for everyone.
The one I love is called Classic Bloom and is very similar to the traditional Impulse. It hasn't got much staying power and does need topping up but it's great for on the go.
Jue X

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