March 06, 2017

Who doesn't love freshly painted nails? I have bitten mine for 30 plus years and don't think I will ever stop. Saying that I do like to paint my bitten nails with the thought it might not make me bite them and yes sometimes it does work!

This weekend I have tried the new "instagirl" nail lacquer from Primark.
I was excited to try this formula on the promise it's a one coat nail varnish.
There were four colours in the range at my local Primark and I picked up two of the Four.
The colours I choose were Nude Selfie and Insta Glam.

At £1.50 each they are real good value, they are quick drying but I think two coats are needed with both shades instead of the one that is promised on the bottle.
The neutral shades available are on trend and are super flattering and world suit everyone.

The shade I have got on in the photo is Nude Selfie. It's got great staying power as it's lasted all weekend with very few chips.
Like most of the nail varnish in Primark this one doesn't fail.. it's a great product at a brilliant price and well worth a look.

Jue X

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