March 23, 2017

                                                                       By Jue Douglas


I love a good foundation and with so many good ones around at the moment varied in prices I thought I would tell you my top three.
The three I have chosen vary in price with the cheapest being £7.99 to the dearest being £12.99 so they are on the higher end of budget brands but with so many offers on 3 for 2 around it could be easy to pay less for them.

My favourite of them all comes as no surprise being the Revlon Colorstay I use the shade 180 Sand Beige. For months now I have been buying the old packaging formula from B & M for £4.99 which I loved but they have sold out so I had to pay £12.99 for my latest bottle. I loved the new added pump and the formula has changed and luckily I do prefer the new formula but saying that if I can ever find any more £4.99 ones I would still go for that instead of the dearer one.

My second favourite is the L'Oréal Infallible 24 hr Matte in the shade 11 Vanilla. At £7.99 it's cheaper than the Revlon and the formula is very good and I do prefer this to the new one I tried recently the total cover one which is £9.99. The formula of the new one is to thick and I was shiny by dinner time so give me this one any day.

The Bourjois Paris CC cream costs £9.99 and is more of a foundation than a CC cream it covers very well and makes skin look flawless. I would definitely recommend this rather than the healthy mix foundation that people speak very highly of as when I tried it I wasn't that impressed.

I love a Matte base and never use a primer which I know is probably wrong but I'm happy with the results without one and I always use a pressed powder over the top as a light powder to set the foundation my favourite being the Rimmel stay Matte translucent powder at £3.99.

All these options are my own and different people like different things so if you can recommend any other Matte foundations you think I would like please let me know.
Happy foundation shopping
Jue X

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