March 24, 2017

Well it's that time again.. that time of the week when my little heart is happy.. yes you've guess it when I get to go to Primark!!!
I love a good Primark shop and tend to visit most weeks. I don't tend to do a big shop but still come out with a bag full.

So read on to see what I wasted my hard earned money on this week............................................

I didn't really go with anything in mind but that never stops me. As I have said before I don't really want to buy clothes at the moment because I am trying (trying but failing) to lose weight but I did pick up a stripy top.. I tend to like oversized tops so I thought it was a safe just in case I do lose weight.
At £5 I thought it was a light weight top ideal for spring and I thought it would look perfect with my new demin jacket I had earlier this month.

I love buying Primark shoes they are very affordable and comfy and even though they don't last as long as a more expensive pair they still are great value for money. The sandals were £4 and I did buy a pair in black last week and thought two pairs would get me though the summertime.
The black brogues were abit more expensive they were £8..and I thought they would be perfect for work. I am hoping they are comfy but may soften up.. I will let you know.
A few summers ago I used to wear these type of headbands all the time so I thought I would buy another one and it was £1.50. I thought it would be great to try the look again but at the moment I've tied it to my bag in the hope it looks good but I'm not so sure.

In a previous blog I mentioned how I loved the Primark false lash mascara that I had tried. Well I wanted to try some more to do a blog post on so I bought four more. I will go into more detail on a later date but I can't wait to try these to see if they live up to the first one and at £2 each all four cost a similar amount to one drugstore one.
I can not leave Primark without buying some more nail varish (yes I need more) I bought the shade midnight muse which is a blue shade and was 90p. I love the formula of these nail varnishes and at 90p they don't break the bank.
I also bought another pair of sunglasses, yes they are the same as my pair I bought last Sunday but I loved them so much I thought I would buy another pair.
Last but definitely not least I bought this small Embroidered bag. I love the Embroidered trend that is around at the moment and the handbag was £7. I thought it was a pretty take on the trend but I'm not sure if it's big enough for all my junk that I carry around with me on a everyday basis.
Hope you have enjoyed this little Primark shop. I know I never spend vast amounts but I hope you still want to see my mini Shop that I do and to show you that even with a small amount of money you can still get a few bargains.
Leave in the comments any Bargains you have bought lately as I always love to hear about shopping!!
Thank you again for your kind messages of support I always love to hear from you all.
Happy Weekend shopping. 
Jue X

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